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What's the Difference Between "Coarse Ground" Crystal Salt and Regular Crystal Salt?
Ben H. • July 6, 2012

It's the Friday after the July 4th holiday, which means it's a slow day around the office with a lot of people out taking a long vacation (yes, I am jealous).

So I was actually really excited when our Facebook fan Art C. posted a comment over on our Facebook page questioning whether there was indeed any difference between Swanson Ultra Coarse Ground Himalayan Crystal Salt and our regular Swanson Ultra Himalayan Crystal Salt.

The short answer is yes, they are different (aside from price and packaging).

They are still the same salt, however, with the same taste and same natural health qualities you expect from a pink crystal salt (more about that here). The clear difference is... well... let me just show you what the difference is...


Can you tell the coarse ground vs. the regular?


Yeah, I couldn't quite tell either... so I poured some out onto a blue sheet of paper to clearly demonstrate the different textures and sizes of the two versions of salt.



As you can see, the coarse ground is just that: coarse instead of fine, like the regular crystal salt on the right. I hope this clears up any confusion... which to be fair, I didn't quite have the answer without going to look at the products side by side myself. Thanks for the question, Art!