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Heart Health
Top Supplements for Heart Health
Swanson staff • April 17, 2024

Top Supplements for Heart Health

Maintaining vibrant cardiovascular health is at the heart of promoting overall wellness both today and over the long run. Eating a healthy diet high in fiber and making sure to incorporate exercise throughout the week are excellent steps you can take now to promote heart health.

Having the help and support of high-quality and science-backed heart health supplements is another key to your cardio success. Let's look at some of the top supplements for heart health available today.

Best Heart Health Supplements

Swanson Health offers customers a wide array of heart health supplements expertly crafted to meet almost any need. Here are the top five supplements you may want to consider adding to your cardio regimen:

  • Maximum Strength CoQ10—Formulated to provide maximum support, this supplement delivers 200 mg of CoQ10 per serving
  • Berberine—A classic herbal ally, berberine provides a variety of heart health benefits, such as promoting a healthy blood glucose response
  • Omega-3 Fish Oil—Long known to benefit heart health, fish oil is a nature-based source of essential fatty acids like DHA and EPA
  • Ubiquinol—Featuring the active form of coenzyme Q10, ubiquinol is more easily absorbed and metabolized by adults over age 40 than traditional CoQ10 supplements
  • Resveratrol—A polyphenol found in many plant species, resveratrol delivers targeted support for heart health as well as potent antioxidant defense against free radicals

Best Foods for Heart Health

In addition to the powerful heart health supplements listed above, there are delicious food options available that also offer support for robust cardiovascular function. These options include protein-rich foods, vegetables, fruits and other foods like:1

  • Black Beans—An excellent side dish, black beans offer a nutritious addition to almost any meal, from a hearty dinner to a lunchtime salad. Black beans are a great source of heart-loving antioxidants, magnesium and folate, as well as dietary fiber
  • Tuna—This seafood classic is not only versatile and delicious, it’s also a healthy source of omega-3 essential fatty acids known to support the functions of major organs like the heart
  • Olive Oil—A favorite in many recipes, olive oil is an excellent option for those looking to add greater antioxidant defense to their healthy diet habits; as an added bonus, olive oil has also been linked to supporting healthy blood lipid levels already within the normal range
  • Walnuts—Great for snacking or when added to desserts or salads, these heart-healthy nuts deliver a pleasing crunch in addition to fiber and omega-3 essential fatty acids for enhanced cardiovascular health


By ensuring you’re getting the proper nutrition from your diet and plugging any gaps which may exist with the heart health supplements listed above, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying vibrant cardio health.


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