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Himalayan Crystal Salt FAQs
Vitamins and Supplements FAQs • June 27, 2011

Himalayan Crystal Salt and Heavy Metal Levels
Question: Is Swanson Himalayan Crystal Salt tested for heavy metals? I'm specifically concerned about the arsenic levels in this salt.
Answer: Yes, it is. The spec sheet specifies the following....

Heavy Metal Limits: 

Lead:                      2.75 µg/maximum daily dose                           

Arsenic:                  10 µg/maximum daily dose                              

Cadmium:               4.1 µg/maximum daily dose                            

Mercury:                 0.3 µg(organic)/maximum daily dose                   

3 µg(inorganic)/maximum daily dose                   

The maximum daily dose must be based on the maximum daily dose on product label.

While there may be arsenic in it that might be higher compared to some other foods, it will be less than 10 mcg per max daily dose (¼ tsp). With that being said, arsenic is a chemical that exists in very trace amounts in most all of your food (as it is found in the soil), water, and even the air you breathe. The concern for getting too much arsenic from one single source is minimal, especially with the FDA limitations that would require a product too high in arsenic be pulled from the market.



Himalayan Crystal Salt and Idodine Levels

Question: I use both Himalayan and sea salt for their mineral content, but how do they compare with iodized salt for iodine content? If I'm not using iodized salt, do I also need to supplement iodine? I have gotten iodized sea salt but it is not always available.

Answer: Himalayan Crystal Salt doesn’t have any added Iodine like the Iodized salts do, so you would still want to ensure you are getting at least the RDA of Iodine from other sources in your diet or with the help of iodine supplements.


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Himalayan Crystal Salt Aluminum Levels/Content

Question: I switched from Celtic Sea Salt to Himalayan Crystal Salt when Swanson's had an interview with Barbara Hendel and then had a Huge sale on her salt. Last week, I happened across a comment that stated that Himalayan Sea Salt has aluminum in it. I'd appreciate any info regarding this.

Answer: Actually, ALL natural salts, including Celtic Salts and Sea Salts, will have some small trace amounts of aluminum as well as the scary things like lead and mercury… but it’s such a small trace amount that you’re likely to get more from any of the fresh fruits and vegetables out of your own garden. The unfortunate fact of nature is that all of those trace minerals exist in very trace amounts in all of the soil and all of the water in the world. The very fortunate fact is that your body has filtering organs like the liver and kidneys to remove toxins and other things you don’t want in your body.
Himalayan Crystal Salt vs Sea Salt
Question: I realize there are differences between  Himalayan Crystal salt  and sea salts. At least we know where the Himalayan salt's resource is. The sea salts on the market obviously come from various areas on earth. Why would I choose the Himalayan salt? I have and I love it for gourmet cooking. I am never out of it...even when I give a sample away! My family and friends are all getting the secret now also and ordering. I just want to know more about it. Is it superior or just better in my opinion?

Answer: Unlike a sea salt gathered from the open which is exposed to the atmosphere and subject to environmental contamination, the Himalayan Crystal Salt is mined from deposits of ancient sea beds deep in the earth which have been shielded from environmental contamination. 
Himalayan Salt and Strontium Citrate

Question: I have been taking the Dr. Best Bone Supplement and am wondering if I can stll be using the Himilayan salt in my water? I use about 1/4 tsp. per day of the Him. salt and have started using it instead of table salt.

Answer: We see no reason that  Doctor's Best Strontium Bone Maker could not be used with Himalayan Crystal Salt. 
Where to Buy Himalayan Crystal Salt
Question: Where can you buy Himalayan Crystal Salt?
Answer: There are a lot of stores that sell Himilayan Salt online. Naturally, we recommend you shop with us. We have guaranteed low prices, the highest quality crystal salt, and amazing customer service. You can buy crystal salt here.
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