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7 Hot Health Secrets for Changing Seasons
Lindsey Toth, MS, RD • March 5, 2020

This time of year should be full of pumpkin spice & everything nice, but sometimes seasonal changes get the best of us. Here are some expert tips for feeling your best in the months ahead.

1. Prepare Your Immune System

A bold winter immune system is built in summer and fall, so start early. Get plenty of sleep, eat nutrient-rich whole foods & reinforce immune health with supplements like probiotics—over 70% of your immune system is in your gut—plus herbal immune helpers like elderberry.

2. Energize Mind & Body

Shorter daylight hours zapping your energy? Try herbs that are scientifically shown to energize the body & mind, like rhodiola rosea, L-theanine & naturally-sourced caffeine from green tea leaves & green coffee beans.

3. Fight Restless Nights

If time changes, busy schedules, or too much screen time has you tossing & turning at night, try melatonin to get your sleep schedule back on track. Melatonin signals your body when it’s time to sleep, and it’s even better when paired with stress-busting GABA and valerian root.

4. Supplement Your Sun

There’s a good chance you’ll spend a lot less time outdoors this time of year. That means you’ll make less natural vitamin D, which is important for healthy bones, immune health & a healthy mood. A D3 supplement can help fill diet gaps and fight seasonal woes.

5. Lift Your Spirits

Boost your mood & banish seasonal blues by finding ways to stay active daily. You can also give your mood a helping hand with adaptogenic ashwagandha, SAMe, or stress-busting magnesium.

6. Boost Hair & Skin Hydration

Dry air during colder months can leave your hair & skin feeling parched. Try mixing argan oil into your body lotion & hair conditioner to give your beauty routine a hydrating boost.

7. Support Seasonal Respiratory Health

Promote seasonal immune function & respiratory health the nature-sourced way with antioxidant quercetin plus bromelain from pineapple—two of the best ingredients for fighting indoor or outdoor seasonal woes.

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Lindsey Toth, MS, RD | Swanson Health Products

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