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3 FanInspired DIY Recipes Featuring Coconut Oil Honey Organic Greens Nuts & Seeds
Kaitlin W • August 12, 2013

I run our Instagram account and there is a hugely encouraging and supportive health and fitness community there that I truly admire! I love following these men and women who inspire me to run that extra mile, do that extra rep, eat clean meals and make health-conscious decisions on a daily basis... not just when it's convenient or when I'm in the mood.

They remind me every day that it's a lifestyle, not some wavering diet or gym membership. It's my health! And my goodness, it matters!

So, as the foodie/health nut on the Web Team here at Swanson, it is my absolute pleasure to share with you some of my favorite little snacks that I have recreated from some of our most inventive and creative fans and followers. Or maybe I should say that I'm their fan and their follower? Keep them coming, ladies and gentlemen! My eyes are open and my taste buds are waiting!

First up is one of the most simple, and most delicious staples to my weekly diet that has come from many different followers on Instagram! Before I go to bed I just grab a jar and layer the following ingredients:

  1. Greek Yogurt
  2. Chia Seeds
  3. Walnuts
  4. Almond Butter
  5. Coconut Shreds
  6. Honey
  7. And fruit!

The shockingly good recipe from a fan that I loved was Ezekiel bread with coconut butter, honey and Swanson greens!

Simply toast some delicious Ezekiel bread, spread a layer of coconut butter, followed by a layer of honey, and then load it with our amazing Green Max Powder! (Don't mind the coffee mug, I can't function without coffee. Thank goodness we carry some fantastic organic blends!)

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And my last recipe (for this post) was a sweet little treat that was actually shared with our team by Dr. Bob (better known as "The Drugless Doctor"). Dr. Bob shared this with us during a recent video shoot...so watch for those videos to pop up here and there over the coming weeks and months! But anyway, back to the food!! This last one will redefine your opinion of rice cakes!

It's exactly what you see! A rice cake sandwich with almond butter, coconut shreds and our amazing coconut oil! It seriously tastes like a candy bar! I will never doubt our fans again!

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I won't say that Instagram has changed my life, because that seems a bit melodramatic, but the inspiring people I have found through this social network have definitely altered the way I view food and fitness for the better and I am eternally grateful!