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20 Ways to Use Olive Oil Outside of the Kitchen
Swanson staff • May 31, 2020

20 Ways to Use Olive Oil Outside of the Kitchen

Did you know that olive oil offers many healthful benefits outside of the kitchen? Just like coconut oil, olive oil can be used in various capacities around the home, from beauty to cleaning and more!

When it comes to choosing your oil, it all comes down to how you plan to use it and your personal preferences. For uses outside of the kitchen, a high-quality extra virgin oil is recommended most. I personally like the Swanson Organic Extra Virgin Cold-Pressed Olive Oil.

Olive oil is great for beauty because of its antioxidant properties, including vitamin E and polyphenols. It’s also a gentle, effective moisturizer that doesn’t clog pores. You may find it so helpful that you’ll want to grab another bottle just for using away from the kitchen.

Here are a few ideas on how to use olive oil to get you started.

Olive Oil for Beauty

1Shaving cream: Not only is olive oil a great shaving cream replacement because it helps the razor glide over skin, but it also helps moisturize as you go.

2Oil pulling: Many oils, including olive, can be used for oil pulling.

3Essential oils: Use olive oil as a carrier oil with your essential oils for various beauty and aromatherapy uses.

4Deep conditioner for hair: Like coconut oil, olive oil can help deep condition hair while adding shine. Apply some to your hair, leave it for about an hour and wash it out.

5Flyaway serum: Smooth frizzy hair with just a drop or two of olive oil for a sleeker look.

6Moisturizer: Olive oil is a natural moisturizer that works great all over the body. It even helps extra dry and sensitive skin.

7DIY exfoliator: Mix a few drops of olive oil with sugar for your own body scrub.

8Lip scrub: That same DIY exfoliator works great on dry, chapped lips. Add a splash of lemon juice for more flavor and exfoliating properties.

9Eye makeup remover: Apply a few drops to a cotton ball and gently rub off the day’s makeup from your eyes. Bonus: It will also help moisturize lashes!

10Remove grease from hands: Olive oil works great for removing grease on skin. Rub about a teaspoon with some salt or sugar in your palms for a few minutes, and then rinse and wash off.

11Remove paint from skin or hair: Stubborn paint should come right off your hands or hair by gently dabbing with a cotton ball with a few drops of olive oil on it.

12For your ears: Some say that a few drops of olive oil in your ears before bed can help flush out ear wax buildup.

Olive Oil Around the House

13Furniture polish: Olive oil plus a bit of lemon juice or vinegar make a great (and safe) furniture and wood polish. Shake up in a spray bottle, spritz on and wipe off. Or make DIY dust cloths!

14Leather polish: An occasional olive oil rub can help restore hardening leather from a baseball glove or mitt. Just work into dry areas, let sit for half an hour and wipe off any excess.

15Shoe polish: Try a natural shoe polish by simply buffing a bit of olive oil onto your leather shoes with a cloth.

16Clean out old candle jars: After removing the bulk of leftover wax from a used candle (boiling the jar in a saucepan of water works great), get the rest of the waxy bits off by rubbing with olive oil before washing. You can now reuse that jar for something else!

17Shine your sink: For natural cleaning, try scrubbing your stainless steel sink with some coarse salt and half a lemon, then buffing it with olive oil at the end for a shiny finish.

18Gunk remover: Don’t waste money on gunk remover products when plain old olive oil works great for removing the sticky mess left behind after removing labels from jars.

19Zipper fixer: Next time your jacket zipper gets stuck, try dabbing a drop of olive oil onto the teeth with a Q-tip to get it moving again.

20Squeak stopper: Creaky hinges or knobs can sometimes be soothed with a drop or two of olive oil. Give it a try!

Of course, you can also use olive oil for cooking, buy it as a supplement or purchase olive oil-infused beauty products. The benefits of this versatile oil are pretty amazing!

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