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16 Low Calorie Snacks to Curb Your Hunger
Swanson staff • May 23, 2016

Low-Calorie Snacks You'll Love

Many folks believe in an old story that says some foods are "negative" in calories, meaning that the body burns more calories while degesting them than what these foods hold to begin with. Although this may sound enticing, it is unfortunately untrue.

The good news is that there are actually many choices available for those of us who would like to enjoy a healthy snack without loading ourselves down with calories. Low-calorie foods can be both enjoyable and nutritious, making it easier to maintain a healthy weight.

Just as certain foods can keep you feeling fuller for longer periods of time (and therefore help you maintain a healthy weight), foods that are naturally low in calories can help you get to that ideal weight by delivering needed nutrients without extra fat or sugar.

Here’s a list of low-calorie foods you'll be sure to love.

Low-Calorie Vegetables

The produce section of your favorite grocery store is certainly one of the best places to find nutritious foods, but did you know that it's also a great place to find low-calorie snack options?

Quite often vegetables are high in water content and fiber, while also being low in calories. Plus, vegetables are incredibly versatile! You can eat them raw, steam them, throw some on the grill, sauté your favorites...the list goes on!

Here are some of our favorite low-calorie vegetables:

1. Celery

Two large celery stalks come in at just about 20 total calories.1 Not a big fan? Try a celery seed supplement to enjoy the health benefits without the flavor.

2. Cucumbers

Enjoying half a delightfully crispy cucumber will only add 15 calories to your day!2

3. Tomatoes

An average tomato has only 22 calories3 but can be enjoyed in so many ways! For added convenience, consider keeping tomato powder on hand for quick sauce or juice anytime.

4. Asparagus

Not only is this veggie low in calories (seven per cup),4 it’s also known for its natural detoxification power. Try grilling asparagus spears for a delicious side dish that's perfect with many meals. You can also enjoy all the antioxidant benefits of this green vegetable with a convenient supplement.

5. Snap Peas

Satisfy your sweet tooth and enjoy half a serving of sugar snap peas for just 40 calories!5

6. Carrots

Carrots hold the distinction of not only being delicious and fun to crunch, but they also have only about 52 calories per cup!6 For fewer calories still, why not also consider using a carrot powder to make juice for nutrition on the go?

Which Fruits are Low in Calories?

Fruitsare often thought of as being high in sugar. While it's true that some fruits have higher amounts of natural sugar (think bananas), others are relatively low in calories while still boasting a sweet flavor.

Try these fruits to keep your calorie count low while also adding a bit of variety to your snack plate:

7. Peaches

You can enjoy a large peach or fewer than 70 calories.7 Not into the fuzz? Try organic peach preserves instead!

8. Grapefruit

Delightfully tart, grapefruits can be split in half, rendering two slices with only 52 calories each!8 Although we wouldn't suggest trying to chew the peel, you can still benefit from the vitamin C and healthy flavonoids by taking a grapefruit supplement!

9. Strawberries

Who doesn't love a fresh bowl of strawberries? A cup has only 46 calories9 but is packed with fun! For about the same number of calories, why not also try some real French strawberry spread?

10. Papaya

For an exotic treat, try a cup of papaya (only 62 calories!).10

11. Cantaloupe

This juicy fruit is sometimes called a melon. Whatever you call it, feel free to enjoy at only 53 calories per cup.11

What are Some Good Low-Calorie Snacks

Vegetables and fruits are great, but sometimes we crave something a little more...snacky! When that happens, reach for these low-calorie treats to enjoy a break without breaking the scale.

12. Popcorn

Popcorn is as much a pastime as it is a snack., but not all varieties are the same. Try to stick with air-popped popcorn (only 31 calories per cup).12 Add flavor with your favorite spices rather than melted butter.

13. Rice cakes

Crunchy and convenient, these snacktime clasics hold only 27 calories per plain, unsalted brown rice cake.

14. Crunchy chickpeas

This snack holds about 100 calories per 1/4 cup,13 so enjoy your chickpeas in moderation, perhaps sprinkled over another food for added crunch or texture? Organic chickpeas are a quick and easy way to snack healthy!

15. Black Mission Figs

Sweet and satisfying, this snack has only 30 calories per fig.14

16. Turkey Jerky

Featuring only about 80 calories per ounce,15 this snack serves as both a tasty treat and a powerful source of protein!

low calories snacks

As we've seen above, the secret to healthy snacking isn't limited only to what we reach for when we get the afternoon munchies, it's much more about portion control.

The old saying goes "everything in moderation, even Modertaion!" and that certainly applies to forming healthy snacking habits. 

Enjoy the snack options we've covered above in moderation, and you'll be on your way to forming sustainable habits for a healthier future.

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Updated 4/11/22