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10 (Delicious) Foods That Keep You Full for Hours
Swanson staff • June 22, 2022

10 Satisfying Foods to Help You Feel Full for Hours

Losing weight is hard enough on its own; don’t struggle through a diet program that leaves you unsatisfied, frustrated and, worse, hungry!

You need to be smart with the foods you eat if you’re going to have any hope of long-term weight management success. If you’re not enjoying your meals, the chances of you sticking with a new diet are slim to none.

The key to harnessing the power of nutrition to help you achieve your ideal weight is to focus on consuming foods that keep you satisfied and feeling full for long periods of time.

Bonus if those foods happen to be tasty! Why not try adding these ten delicious foods to your diet? They’ll make you feel full without sacrificing flavor.


hummus is a filling foodChickpeas, tahini and olive oil combine for a luxuriously rich and creamy snack that will keep you perfectly satisfied between meals. Beans like chickpeas are a great source of fiber, which is what keeps you feeling full and—from gut to colon—also helps maintain an overall healthy gastrointestinal tract.1 Just skip the pita chips and consider enjoying your hummus with crunchy, high-fiber veggies like carrots or broccoli.

2Carrots and Broccoli

carrots and broccoli are high in fiber and help you feel fullSpeaking of carrots and broccoli, these two easy-to-find (and even easier to prepare) vegetables are high in fiber, but they also have another sneaky trick up their sleeves: green and orange veggies can contain upwards of 90% water,2 which will fill up your gut and trick your brain into thinking you’re full!


avocados help your appetite feel satisfiedAvocados are usually found on lists of healthy, high-fat foods due to their high monounsaturated fat content, but they also provide a good amount of fiber (one average-sized California or Florida avocado will include about 8 g of fiber).3 Adding just one half of an avocado to your daily lunch can help you feel full throughout the afternoon.


apples are a good snack to fill you upThis is an old trick, but it works like a charm. Try eating an apple one hour before your biggest meal of the day. All the water, natural fiber and pectin,4 which slows digestion, packed into each bite will fill up your stomach enough to prevent you from overeating at mealtime. It’s a simple weight loss trick that’s proven to be effective and delicious!


raspberries contain 8g of fiber which help you feel fullOne cup of raspberries contains about 8 g of satisfying fiber.5 Plus, like all richly colored berries, they’re loaded with healthy antioxidants, hitting the goal of being both filling and healthy. For a really satisfying treat, combine raspberries with two or three of your other favorite fruits in a blender with some ice and whip up a filling, delicious smoothie. (Leave out the juice or flavored syrups, however, to keep your sugar intake down)

6. Almonds

almonds promote satietyNuts are one of the most satisfying, healthy and convenient snack options out there. Almonds, in particular, serve up an impressive array of nutrition. You could say that Mother Nature invented nuts to control appetite and curb hunger! They’re rich in healthy unsaturated fat, protein and, of course, fiber.6 If you love peanut butter, pick up a jar of almond butter next time you’re shopping for a healthy update on an old favorite.


eggs are a protein rich breakfast food that leaves you full all morningThe egg might be the most versatile food on this entire list, and perhaps in your kitchen! As an ingredient, you’ll find eggs in pretty much every baked good. As an entree, eggs are the star of a healthy, satisfying breakfast. Their secret isn’t fiber, but protein, which can keep you full all the way until lunchtime.

Bonus: a high-protein breakfast has also been linked to an overall lower caloric intake throughout the day.7


oatmeal filling breakfast foodOatmeal is chock full of fiber and protein,8 and it’ll keep you full for hours. Admittedly, plain oatmeal is a bit boring, but it’s easy to jazz up with a half-cup of fresh berries or a tablespoon of organic almond butter or peanut butter.


potatoes filling foodThough potatoes often get a bad rap, they’re actually quite healthy…if prepared the right way! By itself, a baked potato comes in at around 160 calories, but it also provides a wide range of healthy vitamins, minerals, fiber and energizing carbohydrates.9 Potatoes are guaranteed to keep you feeling fuller for longer (just stick to baking, boiling or grilling).


fish is filling and keeps your hunger at bayFish like salmon are well known for their rich omega-3 fatty acid content, but fish eaters as a group have been found to consume fewer calories than beef eaters. It seems those omega-3 fatty acids can help curb hunger!10 Plus, a diet without a little variety will be hard to stick with. Here’s your chance to add a different flavor and texture to your otherwise fiber-focused diet.

BONUS: There’s a simple trick to lowering your daily calorie count, no matter what or when you’re eating. Drink a full glass (or two) of water 30 minutes before mealtime. It’ll fill you up enough to trick your brain into picking up the “I’m full” signal from your gut, meaning you’ll eat less and take in fewer calories!

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