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Krill Oil Vs. Fish Oil: Which Has More Benefits?

More people are turning to krill oil for omega 3 nutrition because of its significant advantages over other marine oils. Like fish oils, krill oil is naturally loaded with heart-healthy omega 3 essential fatty acids EPA and DHA. Essential fatty acids support cardiovascular health, healthy cognitive function, joint health and more.

The Benefits That Set Krill Oil Apart

Krill oil has a few benefits that may make it a superior omega 3 source when compared to traditional fish oil supplements.

  • Better Absorption Than Fish Oil

Simply put, research shows that krill oil is better absorbed by the body than fish oil. Most omega 3 fatty acids in krill are bound to phospholipids instead of triglycerides, meaning they are released into the bloodstream and then into the cells at a more efficient rate. As a result, you might be able to take less (smaller, easier to swallow pills) and still enjoy the same heart health benefits of fish oil. And as a bonus? No fishy burps.

  • Krill Oil Contains Astaxanthin

Krill oil contains the carotenoid antioxidant astaxanthin. Fish oil does not. Astaxanthin is a high powered antioxidant with a molecular structure that makes it very effective at neutralizing free radicals.

Krill Oil Dosage

There is no standard dosage for fish oil or omega 3 supplements. However, the American Heart Association recommends 1 gram of EPA+DHA daily. Since krill oil is much better absorbed than standard fish oil, however, you can take less. For example, our Swanson EFAs 100% Pure Krill Oil delivers 110 mg of omega 3 fatty acids per softgel, and our Maximum-Strength Krill Oil offers twice that.

Our Commitment to Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Krill Oil

Krill oil harvesting has become controversial. Environmentally conscious consumers are concerned that commercially harvesting krill could threaten the many marine animals that consume krill as the main component of their diet.

We at Swanson Health Products completely understand those concerns, and we think it’s important to opt for sustainable supplements.

In fact, the krill biomass is among the largest on the planet, and just a small fraction is caught each year to be used for human nutrition. We would have to consume much more krill to cause over fishing.

And to make sure that doesn’t happen, we use Superba2™ krill oil for many of our supplements. It’s produced by Aker BioMarine of Norway, who uses patented Eco-Harvesting technology to ensure optimal freshness and prevent unnecessary bycatch. Eco-Harvesting results in minimal environmental impact, reflecting Aker’s commitment to sustainable fishing practices. In fact, when the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership released its sustainability overview of fisheries for 2015, Aker BioMarine was the only fishery to receive an “A” rating!

In short, this oil is krillin’ it in the omega 3 nutrition scene. With krill oil’s clear benefits over standard fish oil supplements, there’s no surprise it’s becoming the most popular source for essential fatty acids!





Have you tried krill oil before, or would you consider trying it in place of a fish oil?


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