test-Will Heat Spoil Krill Oil?
Will Heat Spoil Krill Oil?
Vitamins and Supplements FAQs • November 8, 2011

Question: I'm wondering if heat will spoil Krill oil?. My bottle got warm by sitting on the counter with the sun shining on it, also the dishwasher was on which warmed up the counter.


This is a common question about liquid filled softgels in general (even for normal capsules and tablets). The best indication of whether or not temperature has affected the quality of the supplement is by looking to see if the softgels themselves have sort of melted together or coagulated in any way. If it's been hot enough do that to the softgels, your supplement may have been compromised. Otherwise, a little heat should not affect your krill oil supplements. Supplements like certain probiotics are more sensitive to heat. Always check the label to see what the manufacturer recommends as far as how best to store the specific product.