test-What is Aspartame (a.k.a. “artificial sweetener
What is Aspartame (a.k.a. “artificial sweetener")?
Ben H. • May 17, 2010
Dieters and natural health shops had waited years for a truly sweet and low-calorie sugar substitute, and they thought they had it when aspartame came along. But soon enough it proved not to be one of the best health products, as the side effects of aspartame started to make their appearance. A chemical combination of two amino acids and methanol, aspartame was initially thought to be the perfect artificial sweetener, but according to subsequent research, it might cause cancer or neurological problems such as dizziness or hallucinations.

A 1970s study suggested that aspartame caused brain tumors in rats. However, the Food and Drug Administration persuaded an independent review panel to reverse its conclusion that aspartame was unsafe. However, a 2006 study (that some say was flawed in several ways) of adults 50-69 years of age by the U.S. National Cancer Institute found no evidence that aspartame posed any health risk.

Still, when methanol is a main ingredient, you might want to remove this devilishly sweet sugar substitute from your diet. There are other options – actually good health products made without chemicals. Check out this site for a longer list of food additives and what dangers they may pose to your health.