Is "Flush-Free" Niacin Less Effective Than Regular Niacin?
Vitamins and Supplements FAQs • February 28, 2015

Question: With my Doctor's okay, I took 2 sustained-release niacin tablets daily, with very good results for cholesterol support. However I recently made a mistake when I reordered from Swanson and got Flush-Free niacin. Now I am hearing that the latter doesn't work as well. Can you advise, or just I just send my new order back?

It is true that the Flush-Free Niacin doesn’t have as much of an effect (per mg) as the straight Niacin, but we offer it because most people prefer capsules instead of tablets and many people don’t like the flushing effect that straight Niacin often creates. So the flush-free niacin product offers a capsule delivery system and it recommends 3 capsules spread throughout the day to give similar cholesterol support benefits without worrying about the flushing effect.

We offer the variety of options because different people have different preferences, but whether it’s a sustained-release Niacin, a straight Niacin with the flush, or the flush-free Niacin, they will all provide the cholesterol support benefits when you follow the daily recommendations listed on the label (and your doctor's guidelines as well).

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