test-How Do Various Swanson Chlorella Supplements Differ?
How Do Various Swanson Chlorella Supplements Differ?
Vitamins and Supplements FAQs • January 30, 2011
Question: In your opinion, which supplement is better - Swanson Broken Cell Wall Chlorella or Swanson Kyoto Brand Chlorella?

I personally recommend Swanson Kyoto Brand Chlorella. While they are both good supplements, the method of processing Swanson Kyoto Brand Chlorella is superior, as it renders a more bioavailable supplement. As you probably know, the effectiveness of chlorella is largely dependent on breaking down the cell wall to release the nutrients without destroying them. Swanson Kyoto Brand Chlorella is processed using an advanced jet-spray pulverizing process to break open the plant's tough cell wall while maintaining the nutritional content. Independent studies by the Japanese Food Hygiene Association show the digestibility of Swanson Kyoto Brand Chlorella to be 83%, considered to be among the best in the industry.

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