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How Do I Decide Which Multiple Supplement I Need?
Vitamins and Supplements FAQs • March 30, 2011
Question: How do I know which multiple vitamin and mineral supplement to take when there are so many from which to choose?

You can narrow down the selection by first deciding if you want a formula with iron or without iron. Iron is an important consideration for women of childbearing age, as they lose iron with each monthly cycle. For women who have reached menopause or for most men, iron-free formulas may be a better choice since long term or excess iron supplementation can cause problems. These individuals should not consume iron supplements unless their physician has determined that they are necessary. Try Swanson Premium Brand Active One and Swanson Premium Brand Active One (without iron) formulas or Swanson Premium Brand High Potency Softgel Multi and Swanson Premium Brand High Potency Softgel Multi (iron free).

Another consideration is convenience versus high potency. Some multiple vitamin and mineral formulas are delivered in one or two pills per day (like those listed above), which is a convenience for busy individuals. Other formulas provide mega potencies of important nutrients and these are oftentimes delivered in three or more pills per serving. Excellent supplements to try in this category are Swanson Ultra Whole Food Multi (without iron) and Lee Swanson Signature Line Longevital, which is iron-free.

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