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Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers
Kelsey M. • December 17, 2014

If you know a dog lover, chances are you know ALL about their dogs too. You’ve probably seen a picture or two (or a thousand—no judgments here). Dog lovers seem to be good at communicating the latest trick that their dog learned, the new cute thing that they do or the disgusting behavior that they just learned.

Maybe you think it’s awesome how much they do for their own dogs and want to help them pamper their pooches. Look no further! As a dog lover myself, I have compiled the top products that I would love to receive. As a dog mom of four, there is never a shortage of things that I need to keep them happy and healthy.

For the dog lover in your life, take a look at this list of products for some gift giving ideas and inspiration.

1. Shampoo plus Free Conditioner for Dogs & Cats

Let’s face it. Dogs get smelly. They love to roll in anything that smells less than pleasant. To pamper that hound, consider this deep cleansing Shampoo designed specifically for the needs of dogs and their fur. This cleansing system will keep them looking their best. For those with hydrophobic dogs (yes, dogs that fight tooth and nail—literally—to avoid taking a bath), take a look at Waterless Bath. This will help keep fur clean and fresh-smelling!

2. Eye Wash and Ear Wash

The torture of bath time wouldn’t be complete without spending some time washing the ears and eyes. It’s important to do this after a bath as some of the bath water may have gotten in the ear. Eyes of dogs often get overlooked too, but it’s important to keep those healthy and clear to prevent that nasty discharge and build-up.

3. Bass Pet Groomer Wild Boar & Wire Brush - Oval, Bass Pet Groomer Wild Boar Brush - Palm Style, Bass Pet Groomer with Rubber Grips - Soft Slicker Style

Depending on the dog lover’s preferences, these brushes are a great option to use after bath time. Dog lovers will love these sturdy brushes to comb through their dog’s mess of fur. Pick a style that you feel best suits the dog lover (and their dogs). You can’t go wrong with these grooming brushes!

4. Greenies Treat-Pak Teenie, Treat-Pak Petite, Treat-Pak Regular

Because we all know that a dog will probably never let you actually brush their teeth, Greenies are a great alternative. Greenies Dental Chews come in a variety of sizes for teenie dogs, petite dogs and “regular” dog sizes. Dogs love Greenies because they taste good (or so I hear), and dog lovers adore them because they keep their dog’s breath and teeth fresh.

5. Hip + Joint for Medium & Large Dogs or Hip + Joint Max

These are an absolute MUST have for my household as I have four dogs who are considered seniors. They love their vitamins and see them as a treat, and I notice a difference in their activity levels.

6. Canine Complex Premium Multi, Active One or Daily Best for Dogs

Dogs need multivitamins too! Just like their human friends, dogs need daily vitamin and mineral supplements to ensure that their bodies are getting the proper nutrients. Another staple in my house, these multivitamins help ensure the nutrient intake of our furry friends. Dogs love the taste and their humans love knowing their dogs are getting adequate nutrition.

7. Multi Vites Gummy Vitamins for Adults

Yes, you’ll notice that this product has absolutely nothing to do with dogs directly. Why? Dog lovers NEED to take care of themselves too. I don’t know about all the other dog lovers out there, but to me having four large-breed dogs leaves me running around all day. Sometimes, I don’t have the time to make sure that I get all the vitamins and minerals that I need. These multivitamins are a tasty treat for me to ensure that I’m taking care of myself too!

8. EPICOR High-Metabolite Immunogens

Because there’s nothing worse than feeling under the weather with a house full of energetic dogs, I make sure that I take my EpiCor every day. EpiCor helps dog lovers keep going because dogs don’t do sick days!

9. Rescue Remedy Natural Stress Relief for Pets or Rescue Remedy Pet

Is Buster a little high strung when he has to go to the vet? Does he hate the car? Rescue Remedy is a must have. Perfect for those with dogs on the go!

10. YumZies- Peanut Butter, YumZies Cheese Flavor or YumZies- Hickory Bacon

I’m sure I would make a few thousand canine enemies if I left dog treats off this list of must-have dog lover items. YumZies treats are a favorite of my dogs, and the brand offers peanut butter, cheese or chicken flavors. Designed with dogs that have a grain allergy in mind, these treats can also be used as a reward for dog training.

11. Triple Action Foaming Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator or Smells & Stains Remover

Any dog lover will tell you that although they love their dogs dearly, they sure wish they weren’t as messy. Pet stains and odors are a real issue for dog lovers, especially those with carpet. Any product that works to eliminate stains and odors around a dog lover’s home will be welcome, I promise! I know these are some items that are ALWAYS at the top of my shopping list here at Swanson!

12. Pill Pockets For Dogs

Last, but certainly not least on my list of products for dog lovers are pill pockets. As my dogs age, they are getting some prescription medications from their veterinarian. My dogs are pretty big stinkers when it comes to taking their medicine, and hiding it in a piece of cheese or some peanut butter doesn’t always cut it. Pill Pockets have saved me from frustration many, many times.

Bonus Item: A gift that is always needed: Consider donating to a dog rescue organization in honor of the dog lover in your life. For nationwide organizations, check out www.bestfriends.org or www.milldogrescue.org. For local donations, please search on Google to find reputable and in-need dog organizations in your area.

Do you think your dog would agree with this list? Anything that the dog lover in your life (or their dogs) would add?