test-Does Chlorella Have Side Effects?
Does Chlorella Have Side Effects?
Swanson Health • February 22, 2012

Many people have heard about the tremendous health benefits that come with some of the great algae products like Spirulina and Chlorella, but concerns about side effects don’t seem to be covered all that often. Of course, there are many, many health benefits to Chlorella like the chlorophyll and fiber for cleansing, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and even RNA/DNA for cell repair, but some people may have concerns about these healthy nutrients.

Some of the main concerns are actually based on some of the main benefits… cleansing. Yeah, it’s great to have a cleanse and detoxification every so often, but it’s really not that pleasant while you’re going through it. The chlorophyll and fiber are the same nutrients you’ll find in most any green food, but the Chlorella is a very concentrated source of it so it does make for looser stools and occasionally diarrhea for those who have very little green foods in their diets. It can be rather uncomfortable when you’re cleansing from a product like this, but it thankfully tends to pass within a couple days or so.