test-Are Swanson Fish Oil Supplements Free of Mercury?
Are Swanson Fish Oil Supplements Free of Mercury?
Vitamins and Supplements FAQs • February 13, 2011
Question: How is the fish processed in your salmon oil supplements? I am concerned about mercury and lead. Are they free of those contaminants?

Marine Nutraceuticals (MNC), the manufacturer of our ecOmega fish oil supplements in the Swanson EFA line, uses only the freshest fish taken primarily from the deep, cold waters of the Northern Atlantic to obtain our ecOmega EFA Fish Oils. They have always been more selective than many other manufacturers in using only the top-quality fish parts, including fish livers, to obtain their oils, flash freezing them while at sea, so they are fresh at the time of processing. This is a step above industry standards, as many others are not as fussy and will buy fish waste products that have not been frozen until processing. While it is still possible to obtain marginally acceptable EFA products from this material, such handling can affect the taste, and that is why MNC has always insisted on buying only frozen raw materials.

The oils from the fish are obtained by molecular distillation to remove the oils, which are then passed through a multiple clay filtration process to remove impurities. Each lot is tested for heavy metals, PCBs and other contaminants and must pass California Proposition 65 requirements before it can be released. MNC will soon be adding extra-sensitive testing equipment that will enable them to guarantee the removal of all contaminants down to a level much less than the minimum acceptable levels set by all government regulations, even including California Proposition 65. MNC processes these oils in a GMP plant, located in Norway, that is registered to produce pharmaceuticals for distribution to Europe and the US. In fact, they do manufacture pharmaceutical OTC and prescription drugs. When it comes to fish oils, they are able to achieve these low levels of contaminants because of the extreme care they use in everything they do. This will ensure that the MNC oils continue to be the finest-quality fish oils on the market, bar none.

You can learn more about our ecOmega Fish Oil supplements, view a chemical analysis of the oils, and how they're processed, by visiting the website www.ecomegafishoil.com.

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