test-Why Does Swanson's Gluconutrient Supplement Contain Glucose?
Why Does Swanson's Gluconutrient Supplement Contain Glucose?
Vitamins and Supplements FAQs • March 30, 2011
Question: I notice that you carry a glyconutrient supplement. Why does it have glucose in it, when it is already so abundant in our diet?

Our glyconutrient supplement Swanson Ultra Full-Spectrum Essential Sugars Complex contains Carrington Lab's Manapol® powder from Aloe vera L (inner leaf). As you may already know, Aloe vera has been used medicinally for centuries by even the earliest civilizations—the ancient Egyptians referred to it as the “plant of immortality.” Modern researchers know that Aloe vera gel consists of 99 percent water and over 75 other nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Other nutrients include polysaccharides (or glyconutrients), which are complex sugars that are essential components for cellular communication. This family of complex sugars includes glucose, making it a naturally occurring component of Aloe vera. Carrington does not isolate each sugar; these sugars are just simply part of the plant’s inner gel as are the other vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Carrington’s patented technology involves a cold-process removal of the gel from the leaf, enabling the removal of anthraquinones, which give Aloe vera gel its laxative effect. The freeze-dried aloe gel results in these complex carbohydrates (glyconutrients or “essential sugars”), supporting immune health and adding to this ancient plant’s value in the 21st century.

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