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What's New in Health: Research Updates with Swanson Experts
Lindsey Toth, MS, RD • April 26, 2019

Want the inside scoop on the newest health science and wellness trends? Dive into our first expert health briefing where Swanson experts VP of Science & Innovation Amy Sunderman, MS, RD and Lindsey Toth, MS, RD, cover cutting-edge research and explore hot new wellness products for a healthy body and mind. Watch the presentation below, and read on about the latest in research and the top trends that our experts are watching.

Research Updates

Explore the latest science-backed health news and learn how to select products to optimize your wellness routine. 

Plant-Based Protein Benefits Aging Muscles1

Research indicates that low dietary protein and low vegetable protein intakes are associated with lower muscle mass in older adults.

A study published in Nutrients examined total protein intake and low muscle mass among community-dwelling older adults in Northern Taiwan. Participants with lower total protein and lower vegetable protein intakes were at a higher risk for low muscle mass.

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Protein Benefits Physical Performance in Older Adults2

A systematic review of observational studies indicated an association between higher protein intakes and better lower limb performance in older adults.

The research, published in Nutrients, was based on study selections by two independent researchers and revealed that both high and very high protein intakes among older adults were associated with better lower limb physical function and walking speed performance compared to those with low protein intakes.

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Antioxidant Robuvit® May Enhance Sleep Quality3

A clinical trial published by Minerva Medica examined a group of 40 participants to evaluate effects of Robuvit®, an antioxidant extract from French oak wood, on sleep issues, fatigue, mood fluctuations, and oxidative stress.

After 8 weeks, participants that took 300mg of Robuvit® daily improved in all test categories vs. the control group--with a 22% improvement in sleep quality, 43% reduction of daytime sleepiness, 41% reduction of exercise fatigue, and improved oxidative stress levels by 16%.

Ashwagandha May Support Memory and Cognitive Function4

Research suggests that ashwagandha, an herb used in the Ayuvredic health tradition, may help support memory and improve cognition.

The randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study was conducted with 50 participants who either took 300 mg of ashwagandha root extract twice daily or a placebo for 8 weeks. Study results suggest the herb may support healthy memory, executive function, attention and information processing.

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Turkey Tail Mushrooms may Have Prebiotic Benefits5

Clinical research shows that a bioactive component known as polysaccharopeptide from Trametes versicolor (Turkey Tail Mushrooms) may have prebiotic benefits for gut health.

In the randomized study, 24 healthy volunteers were divided into groups to either supplement with turkey tail mushroom, an antibiotic, or to take neither (control group). Study results showed that turkey tail mushroom acts as a prebiotic to help modulate the intestinal microbiome.

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Meriva® Turmeric Phytosome™️ may Support Bone Health6

A recent study suggests that a patented form of highly-absorbable turmeric called Meriva® may be beneficial to bone health.

The study examined 57 otherwise health subjects with low bone density, testing bone densities of the heel, small finger and upper jaw before beginning, the again at 4, 12, and 24 weeks. Participants that took Meriva® Turmeric Phytosome™️ demonstrated significant increases in bone density vs. the control group.

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Trending in Wellness

Learn more about emerging trends in wellness and where you can find them at Swanson.

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

Full spectrum hemp extract is an ingredient that's quickly gaining popularity! The rising trend of hemp can be largely linked to the emerging understanding of the newly discovered endocannabinoid system, a bodily system may be impacted by compounds in full-spectrum hemp extract, including cannabidiol. Available in a variety of formats at Swanson including liquids, topical products, capsules, and self-care items like bath bombs, this extract is sourced from industrial hemp. Learn more about full spectrum hemp extract here.

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Drinkable Nutrients

Functional foods are gaining in popularity, as consumers look to work essential nutrients into their diets without adding another pill. Mellow Mag, an easy-mixing magnesium beverage, provides 330 mg of magnesium, or 79% of your daily value, in a delicious, convenient powder.

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Label Transparency

For Swanson, label transparency means that what you see is what you get--no proprietary blends or hidden ingredients.

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