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What is Calcium Pyruvate?
Vitamins and Supplements FAQs • October 2, 2012

Question: Thank you for the very informative article on the best form of calcium supplement. I do not see any information, though, on Calcium PYRUVATE, which I take. Can you please explain the difference between it and the other forms of calcium you mention?

Calcium pyruvate is just one of several forms of calcium, as you've pointed out. Unfortunately with all these forms, it’s kind of like asking how Vitamin C is different depending on what form it comes in... does it come from an orange, an apple, or any other fruits? It's still vitamin C. Calcium pyruvate is still calcium like the other forms.

Unfortunately, the mechanism isn’t particularly well-defined for calcium pyruvate, but most sources claim it helps with healthy weight management when paired with diet and exercise. Pyruvate converts to Acetyl CoA which can feed into the Kreb’s cycle to generate ATP (main energy source), but Acetyl CoA is also a central link or connecting point between cycles for a number of pathways used for metabolism of fats, proteins, ketones and steroids/cholesterol, as well. No one says specifically how this enhances carbohydrate metabolism or increases fat burning. Our guess would be that its primary impact is on Acetyl Co-A levels. Hopefully this answer helps a little bit in your search, but we realize it's not as definitive as you might have liked.

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