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Trending Sleeper Nutrients for Heart Health
Lindsey Toth, MS, RD • January 29, 2022

Bolster Your Heart Health with These "Sleeper" Nutrients

When it comes to supplements that promote heart and cardio health, you’re probably already familiar with some of the all-stars like CoQ10 supplements and omega-3 fatty acid supplements.

But did you know there are a number of other exciting, science-backed options that can give your heart a healthful boost?

They’re known as sleeper nutrients, and they include vitamins, minerals and herbs like magnesium, vitamin C, garlic and more. Though some may be associated with other health benefits, don’t let that fool you!

These nutrients make great additions to your wellness routine. Here are 10 trending ingredients to support a healthier heart:

Vitamin C for Heart Health

When you hear vitamin C mentioned, your mind probably goes straight to orange juice and seasonal care, and for good reason! Loaded with antioxidants, vitamin C is highly-effective at supporting immune health, especially when combined with the bioflavonoid power of rose hips. But that’s not all vitamin C can do for you.

Studies have shown that vitamin C can support your body’s ability to keep your heart healthy. These capabilities are believed to be linked to the antioxidant effects of vitamin C, which play a key role in neutralizing free radicals. In doing so, vitamin C promotes a strong defense against oxidative stress within the cardiovascular system.1

Further, studies have also shown that vitamin C may boost nitric oxide production, which supports blood flow and healthy blood pressure levels already within the normal range.2

Try it in Swanson Premium Vitamin C with Rose Hips, featuring 1,000 mg of vitamin C as well as 15 mg of rose hips for increased absorption and an antioxidant boost.

Folate for Heart Health

Folate and folic acid are different forms of vitamin B9. Folate is the naturally-occurring form of this nutrient, while folic acid is a synthesized version.

Researchers say they're nearly identical in molecular structure and benefit, so the two are widely considered to be the same. However, most experts agree that it’s best to get as many nutrients as possible from real foods.

Studies suggest that folate’s major function in terms of helping to promote a healthy heart is its ability to support the inhibition of an amino acid known as homocysteine.

High levels of homocysteine are believed to affect the health of arterial walls over time. Research indicates that introducing folate into your daily health routine may support significantly lower homocysteine levels.5

If you’re looking for a powerful folate supplement, try Swanson Ultra 5-Methyltetrahydrofolic Acid featuring Quatrefolic®, an extremely bioavailable form of folate that offers long-lasting stability.

Beta-Carotene for Heart Health

Beta-carotene is the orange pigment that gives many fruits and vegetables their bright and vibrant colors. Foods that contain beta-carotene include sweet potatoes, spinach, squash, apricots, cantaloupe and, yes, carrots!

After ingestion, beta-carotene is broken down and converted into vitamin A, which is known to support skin health, eye health and even heart health.

Beta-carotenes are a fat-soluble source of antioxidants, which research shows may promote the health of the cardiovascular system. Specifically, it's believed that beta-carotene may play a role in supporting free radical neutralization in blood vessels, therefore potentially decreasing the oxidation of low-density lipoproteins (LDL). Studies also suggest that beta-carotene may support healthy blood pressure levels within the normal range.6

If you’re looking to supplement your beta-carotene intake, try Swanson Premium Beta-Carotene. Each softgel delivers 7,500 mcg RAE of vitamin A (as beta-carotene) to support antioxidant protection throughout the body as well as promote vision health.

CoQ10 for Heart Health

A modern darling of health enthusiasts with heart health in mind, CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant found within every single cell of the human body. It’s also present in small amounts in grains, meat and fish.

As we grow older, CoQ10 levels within our body drop, which makes supplementation important in order to boost heart and energy health.

As an antioxidant, CoQ10 helps protect the body, including the cardiovascular system, from oxidative damage. Studies suggest that taking a CoQ10 supplement along with exercise may produce significant cardio-protective effects.7

Furthermore, individuals who have been prescribed a statin for heart health may be prone to lower CoQ10 levels, which makes supplementation an important option pending your doctor’s approval.8

Swanson Ultra CoQ10 is an outstanding way to promote the health of your heart. Packed with 100 mg of CoQ10 for defense against free radicals, these softgels help support antioxidant activity, cellular energy production, physical performance, a healthy blood sugar response and overall cardiovascular health!

Magnesium for Heart Health

There have been a high number of research studies on magnesium and heart health. Found in abundance in foods like pumpkin seeds, spinach and soybeans, this mighty mineral actually performs many functions throughout the body.

These functions include assimilating calcium into the bones for bone health, promoting calm and supporting healthy glucose metabolism.9

Magnesium is especially essential for muscles, including the heart. Studies have shown that getting the proper amount of magnesium can help promote the health of arteries, cardiovascular function, blood flow and may also play a role in supporting healthy blood pressure levels already within the normal range.9

Swanson Premium Triple Magnesium Complex is a great way to ensure you’re getting nearly a full day’s supply of calcium in just one capsule. This magnesium supplement features magnesium from three different sources (magnesium oxide, magnesium citrate and magnesium aspartate) to deliver 400 mg of magnesium per serving.

Not only an excellent option for heart health, this magnesium complex also boosts bone and muscle health while helping to support stress reduction.

Potassium for Heart Health

Although bananas and potassium are often linked together in many people’s minds, perhaps heart health and potassium would be more appropriate.

That’s because this mineral, which can be found in foods like avocados, acorn squash, sweet potatoes and bananas, has been shown in studies to have significant effects on the human heart.10

Potassium plays a big role in promoting the health of the arteries and the heart and helps support blood flow. What’s more, making sure that you’re keeping a proper sodium-to-potassium intake ratio can help promote healthy blood pressure levels already within the normal range.10

On average, most Americans get too much sodium and not enough potassium each day. Most healthy adults should aim to keep sodium intake below 2,300 mg17 and get at least 4,700 mg of potassium daily.

Taking a potassium supplement like Swanson Ultra Potassium Citrate helps support heart health by filling any potassium gaps you may have in your diet.

Not only great for your heart, this formula also helps promote energy production and kidney health and features 99 mg of potassium per serving.

Selenium for Heart Health

Selenium is an essential mineral found in Brazil nuts, fish, ham, beef and poultry. Selenium works to boost antioxidant activity, brain health, immune function and thyroid health. It’s also exceptionally heart friendly.

Studies show that the presence of selenium within the body may increase levels of an antioxidant enzyme known as GPx-1. This is significant because GPx-1 is considered a robust antioxidant defender of cardiovascular health and studies suggest a strong ability for this powerful mineral to boost arterial health.11

Swanson Ultra Vitamins A, C, E, & Selenium features the combined antioxidant power of several important nutrients. A high-quality and high-potency antioxidant complex, this formula supports your body’s ability to neutralize free radicals.

Hawthorn Berry for Heart Health

A heavyweight in the world of heart nutrition, hawthorn berry comes from the hawthorn plant, a member of the rose family that is common in parts of Asia, Europe and North America.

Packed with high amounts of antioxidants, hawthorn benefits the heart in multiple ways. Hawthorn berry has been studied for its heart nutrition, notably for its ability to help maintain healthy blood pressure already within the normal range, promote healthy blood flow, boost exercise tolerance and provide antioxidant support.12, 13

Including a hawthorn berry supplement in your health and wellness routine is a great way to make sure you’re keeping on top of your heart’s health.

Swanson Premium Hawthorn Berry is an extraordinarily powerful hawthorn supplement for heart health and delivers 565 mg of hawthorn berry per capsule. Packed with antioxidant flavonoids, this formula supports cardio health, blood circulation, optimal blood pressure within the normal range and free radical neutralization throughout the body.

Discover Swanson’s take on this centuries-old heart health tonic!

Garlic for Heart Health

Though its ability to keep vampires at bay is debatable, there’s plenty of evidence that garlic is a good friend to your heart. If garlic isn’t a staple of your kitchen pantry, then you just might want to consider adding a garlic supplement to your daily routine.

Among its many benefits, garlic can boost healthy sexual function, hair and skin health and immune system health.14 But its ability to benefit the heart may be the biggest asset of garlic.

Research on the effects of garlic on the heart and cardiovascular system reveals that it can play a role in protecting the arteries as a part of healthy aging and boosting circulation.15

Further, there have been a vast number of studies that seem to support garlic’s effect on maintaining healthy blood pressure already within the normal range.16

For many, ensuring proper amounts of garlic for heart health requires a supplement like Swanson Best Garlic Supplements Whole Garlic – Made with Organic Garlic. These cardio-friendly veggie capsules promote healthy blood circulation, optimal blood pressure already within the normal range and powerful antioxidant support.

Swanson Ultra Pure Heart

Like every Swanson Pure Science Herbals formula, Pure Heart is 100% clean and pure with no hidden ingredients or mysterious proprietary blends. It delivers the heart health benefits you need at a lower price compared to other leading brands.

This unique blend puts the naturally-sourced and clinically-studied power of resveratrol, MegaNatural®-BP™ and BioCosanol® to work, promoting strong circulation and maintaining healthy blood lipid and circulatory flow readings already within the normal range.

  • MegaNatural®-BP™, a natural grape seed extract (standardized to 90% polyphenols), has been shown in clinical studies to support healthy blood flow readings already in the normal range
  • BioCosanol® helps maintain healthy blood lipid levels within the bloodstream. As the world's finest policosanol source, BioCosanol delivers the ideal ratios of octacosanol, triacontanol and hexacosanol
  • Resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant, promotes overall heart health and cardiovascular function by supporting healthy circulation, cerebrovascular integrity and antioxidant activity in the body to neutralize damage-causing free radicals

Nutrients for a Healthy Heart

Living a healthier life is about taking steps every day to boost your wellbeing. These trending sleeper nutrients, many of which are essential for overall wellbeing, are a great way to reinforce your wellness routine and help keep you and your heart healthier for years to come.

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About Lindsey Toth, MS, RD

Lindsey is a nationally recognized registered dietitian and nutritionist with a soft spot for pie. She empowers people to take charge of their health by finding the balance between the pleasure and nourishment in food. Her philosophy is that you should take care of your body because it’s the only permanent home you have. It’s what inspired her to pursue a career in nutrition.

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