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Top Reasons to Add Psyllium Husk Fiber to Your Diet
Swanson staff • February 6, 2024

Reap the Benefits of Psyllium Husk Fiber

For anyone who doesn’t get enough fiber from their daily diet, psyllium husk fiber supplements are becoming an increasingly popular way to boost intake to help maintain healthy digestion, healthy weight and even a healthy heart.

Psyllium husk fiber comes from the seed of the Plantago ovata plant. Its spongy fibers form a kind of gel when combined with water (like in your stomach, for example, where it helps curb appetite by making you feel full). This “gel” is also responsible for psyllium husk’s natural digestive and GI benefits, as it helps maintain regularity.

Psyllium husk fiber benefits for weight management

Looking for help with healthy weight management? We already know the basics, like eating right, exercising and prioritizing mental wellness. Psyllium husk fiber can help with the diet part by targeting your hunger and curbing your appetite.

Healthy weight management is perhaps the number one use for psyllium fiber. Its natural bulk-forming capabilities are second to none. For those with naturally more robust appetites, psyllium—taken about 30 minutes before meals with a full glass of water—can help you feel fuller, faster, resulting in more normalized portions and a pattern that hopefully leads to a long-term healthy relationship with food.

Psyllium husk fiber benefits for digestive health

Another health benefit of psyllium husk fiber is its support of digestive health. As a bulk-forming fiber supplement, it soaks up water in your gut, which in turn helps maintain regularity. Fiber is also a powerful prebiotic, meaning that it supports the proliferation of healthy microorganisms in the GI tract known as probiotics. When you have adequate levels of probiotics, your intestinal integrity is better supported and your overall immune system (as much as 70% of which is in the gut) is able to function properly.1

As a digestive supplement, psyllium can be used as needed, or it can be implemented into your regular dietary supplement routine to maintain regularity and digestive health over the long term.

Psyllium husk fiber benefits for blood glucose response

Fiber is Mother Nature’s answer to maintaining healthy blood glucose levels. For those on low-carb or high-protein diets that restrict fiber intake (no cereals, grains, etc.), psyllium husks are the perfect fiber supplement or fiber replacement option to ensure your body’s getting enough.

Interestingly, fiber is classified as a dietary carbohydrate.2 But unlike other carbs, fiber doesn’t get broken down into sugar, thereby helping you avoid glucose spikes after meals.

Psyllium husk fiber benefits for heart health

Just as psyllium husk fiber helps maintain a normal blood glucose response by the body, digestive health and a healthy appetite, it can also play a role in maintaining healthy blood lipid levels and a healthy heart.2 This is because the fiber you consume with a meal can help to prevent the absorption of certain fats, including cholesterol. This also has a beneficial effect on triglyceride levels within the body.2 In short, fiber plays a big role in an overall heart-healthy routine.

Psyllium husk fiber benefits for gluten-free baking

Over the last few years, gluten-free foods have come a long way in taste and texture. Bakers have caught on to one little-known secret for making their gluten-free goods more palatable—psyllium husk fiber.

Because it forms a gel-like substance when combined with water and other liquids, psyllium fiber can transform dry, crumbly GF baked goods into delectably moist breads, buns and cakes sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.

Why not give psyllium husk fiber a try and see for yourself just how healthy this humble supplement can be? Swanson offers a variety of options for supplementing with psyllium husk fiber, such as an organic powder that is free of yellow dye and other added ingredients. There are also easy-to-swallow capsules for added convenience. And for those with a sweet tooth, Swanson even offers delicious fiber gummies to add a little fun to your health regimen.

You be well, now.


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