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Immune Health
The Best Immune Support Gummies
Swanson staff • January 12, 2024

The Best Immune Support Gummies

Immune health is a topic that’s important for everyone to keep in mind, whether we’re talking about young children or older adults. In many ways, our immune system forms a foundation to our overall health and wellness as it’s interconnected with many other bodily functions like digestion, sleep and even our mood and stress response.

Supporting our immune system means getting enough exercise and eating a nutritious diet. It also involves making sure any nutritional gaps in our diet are filled with quality supplements that can work with our bodies to keep our immune system performing at its best.

When it comes to supplements that bolster the immune system there are many options available, from capsules and tablets to syrups and lozenges. But one form stands out for being not only convenient, but tasty too: immune support gummies!

How Do I Know If I Need Immune Support Gummies?

Maintaining optimal immune health means making sure your body has what it needs to keep your immune system healthy and strong. Tools like vitamins, minerals and certain herbal allies all play important roles.

One of the best things about supplementing these and other nutrients with gummies is that they deliver powerful support in a form that’s both delicious and fun! There’s no need to swallow pills, and for children, taking a gummy can feel more like a reward than a chore.

So, how do you know if you need immune gummies? The answer is simple: if you have an immune system (which we all do), and if you like the idea of a tasty treat that’s packed with healthy benefits, then you need immune support gummies!

The next question on the minds of many is, “which gummy vitamins help the immune system?” The simple answer would be to list immune health classics like vitamin C or vitamin D, but for best results, you’ll want to consider other types of immune support as well.

What Types of Gummies Bolster Your Immune System?

So, which gummies are good for the immune system? There are actually several which are known to support vibrant immune health. Some are nutrition-based, like vitamin C or zinc. Others are plant-based and provide herbal support, like elderberry. Each one provides immune support in a slightly different way.

Let’s look at some of the top gummies available for immune support.

Top Gummies for Immune Support

Here is a list of some of the most powerful immune support gummies available:

  • Vitamin C—This classic vitamin provides antioxidant defense against free radicals, bolsters immune response, and supports the body’s creation of collagen for healthy skin and joints. This is important as the skin forms a major first line of defense for the immune system.1
  • Zinc—An essential mineral, zinc is active in many bodily functions and plays a major role in overall health and wellness, including as a source of antioxidant defense. Zinc is also a potent immune ally which provides support for immune cells and promotes innate immune function. Help ensure your body maintains adequate levels of zinc through both diet and, when necessary, supplementation.3
  • Elderberry—Also sometimes called sambucus, this herbal ally is perfect for those who think outside of the box.  Try it in Swanson Elderberry gummies, with each serving featuring 100 mg of elderberry, 90 mg of vitamin C and 7.5 mg of zinc.
  • Vitamin D3—Vitamin D has been clinically studied to support the immune system by keeping your natural defenses prepped and ready. Regular vitamin D supplementation has been shown to support upper respiratory tract health by helping the lungs identify and react to potential threats. Emerging research indicates it may also help maintain healthy blood sugar levels and aid weight management. Studies also suggest that healthy vitamin D levels may bolster a positive outlook and ease occasional feelings of anxiousness.
  • Prebiotics and Probiotics—While it may seem odd to include supplements for gut health in this list, the benefits of these “good” bacteria and the fiber that promote them extend beyond enhancing a healthy gut microbiome. Probiotics help support intestinal integrity, an important factor in overall immune health. Probiotics also aid in the regulation of healthy immune defense.5

Other Immune Health Gummies

While each of the immune gummies listed above promotes immune function, it can be more convenient to take a combination gummy that provides all-around support. For adults, this could be an immune formula which includes zinc, vitamins C and D and acerola fruit.

Children can also benefit from immune gummies like Kids Vitamin C, which is specially formulated for the needs of growing bodies and immune systems.

However you choose to bolster immune health, there’s a gummy that delivers the potent support your body needs with a delicious flavor you’re sure to love!

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