test-TASTE TEST: Think Thin Brownie Crunch Bar
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TASTE TEST: Think Thin Brownie Crunch Bar
Anthony N. • August 4, 2013

PRODUCT REVIEWED: Think Thin Brownie Crunch Protein Bar

review think thin brownie crunch bar

Rachel: O.k. I don't think I could eat this as a meal. I like food too much. But for a protein bar/meal replacement, it's pretty good. I like the fact that it has 0 grams of sugar and 20 grams of protein. And the taste isn't chalky like other protein bars of the same ilk.

Anthony: The bar looks hearty (big) and rich (chocolatey). The taste isn't that rich. I expected it to be sweeter. I'm not a big fan of chocolate, so I don't mind the lack of sweetness. It's high in protein and low in sugar, two things I look for in a bar. I wouldn't buy it though. I didn't enjoy it. Certainly wasn't crunchy or very brownie-like.

Nicole: I don’t like the taste of this bar at all – it’s very bland. The texture is quite dense and chalk-like. I would love to have seen more crunch, especially considering the name of the bar. There might have been five pieces of rice krispie in my couple of bites. It is awesome that there is no sugar and 20 grams of protein. The brand name makes you assume it’s low calorie and it’s not. I prefer a protein bar with more flavor and crunch, even if it means sacrificing on sugar and protein.

think thin brownie crunch protein bar

Jenessa: It’s hard to make a decent-tasting protein bar without gluten or sugar (or at least I would imagine, if I were a protein bar maker), but ThinkThin seems to have done it. This bar wasn’t terribly delicious, but for 20g of protein, I think I’d eat it on a regular basis.

Kurt: The brownie bar is too rich for me. I think that the 20 grams of protein is really nice if you’re looking for a workout snack, but I can’t see myself picking one of these up if I’m looking for a bar.

Nathan: When I saw the word brownie in a protein bar, I thought I maybe found a protein bar that would have enough flavor to make it tolerable to my tastes. At first glance, the chocolate shell of this bar had me envisioning a chocolate covered brownie. The first bite gives you an instant chocolate taste but like other protein bars, is dry. If you are eating this while drinking a bottle of water you might be okay, but the bar was too dry for my tastes. With no sugar and no gluten this bar has great potential, but I would personally like to see a more moist taste.

close up review of think thin brownie crunch protein bar

Courtney: Dry and bland; like eating a spoonful of flour and cocoa powder. The chocolate on the outside was the only part with any flavor and that had the waxy taste/texture I often find in protein bars, especially the low-cal versions.

Kaitlin: Clever marketing and sleek packaging goes a long way to dress up what is, simply, a good protein bar. Throw in the delicious flavors of brownie and a few nuts for a satisfying crunch and you’ve got a win for me. The 20g protein is great, and the carb count isn’t too bad for a protein bar! And gluten free? Another win.

Ben: I’ve had other ThinkThin bars in the past and remembered why I liked them and why I didn’t like them. I liked them because they were dense and filling, but I didn’t love the flavor. The same goes for these brownie crunch flavored bars. If you want a filling snack before or after a workout, or just an afternoon snack, and don’t mind the typical protein bar flavor, these will be just fine. If you prefer something sweeter, these may not be for you.

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