test-TASTE TEST: Somersault Snack Co. Pacific Sea Salt
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TASTE TEST: Somersault Snack Co. Pacific Sea Salt
Anthony N. • August 18, 2013

PRODUCT REVIEWED: Somersault Snack Co. Pacific Sea Salt Somersaults

somersaults sea salt snack review

Rachel: Brilliant. Just brilliant. There's no way these are healthy—but they are! Every flavorful bite is a party in my mouth. Enough crunch and salt to satisfy my afternoon snack cravings, that's for sure. These are awesome. I will not be buying these for my family. I will be hoarding them all for myself.

Anthony: I took a bite without knowing what the product actually was. It was delicious. Saltier than I expected and crunchier than I expected. Both good things. I look at the packaging and realize it's a sunflower seed based snack. Now that I read that, I realize it does taste like sunflower seeds. I think even non-sunflowerseed lovers would enjoy this. Such a great way to satisfy a craving for salty and crunchy snacks.

Nicole: Amazing! These are a super little snack food. The crunch and salt is just right. I love that they use non-GMO ingredients. I could easily eat the entire bag. It’s great that the bag is re-sealable – and very cute!

Jenessa: These were so crunchy, it was hard to hear the other testers talking across the room. Filled with the familiar taste of sunflower seeds and sea salt, I greatly enjoyed these snacks. The packaging is fun and colorful. I will definitely be adding these to my next employee order, even if it means loud snacking at my desk!

Kurt: Amazing! They aren’t overly salty, and the flavor of the sunflower seeds really stands out. They’re dangerously addictive…

Nathan: As a person that eats many times throughout the day I’m always on the search for healthy snacks that can provide me with calories and protein. These bite-size salty snacks come in a great resealable bag for easy on the go portability. The combination of salt, sunflower seeds, and toasted grains make it impossible to just have one or two.

close up somersault sunflower seed snack food

Courtney: These were awesome. You get a little different flavor with each bite. At first they tasted sort of like pretzels (of which I am not a fan) but then you get the sunflower seed flavor and then the sesame seed. They’re crunchy, but with a little chew to them from the seeds. They’re delicious and I can’t wait to try some of the other flavors!

Kaitlin: I think I was the only taste tester who did not like these. I don’t know what it was! The texture was like hay, the taste was like nuts and grass topped with way too much salt! I don’t know. These were definitely a fail for me. But like I said, I’m pretty sure I was the only one who thought that!

Ben: I had NO idea we had these guys... which begs the question how do you all learn about our new products? I guess that’s the point of this new blog post series! Anyway, back to the snacks... these Somersaults are really good. Really crunchy, really good texture. I’m definitely going to order a box of these to keep at my desk.

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