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Sports Nutrition That Fuels Your Fitness
Swanson staff • April 5, 2024

Sports Nutrition that Fuels Your Fitness

Introducing Swanson Full Potential, an expertly crafted line of new and innovative protein supplements and workout support products designed with you in mind. From pre- to post-workout, the science-backed ingredients in these products have been hand-selected to give you the nutrition and protein you need for general wellness, or for an edge in the gym or on the field.

Whether you’re into intense workouts or simply looking to enjoy a more active lifestyle, the protein and amino acids in these supplements play a crucial role in overall wellness and long-term strength. Protein is critical to maintaining lean muscle mass as part of a healthy aging process, providing not only the basic building blocks of muscle tissue, but also delivering the healthy caloric energy needed for physical activity at any age.

What Are Protein Supplements?

Protein supplements are crafted to provide your body with the nutrients needed to power physical activity and build strong muscles. In fact, every cell of your body contains protein, making this nutrient especially important for wellness at a cellular level. From infancy to later adulthood, protein is a primary building block necessary for proper development and maintenance of core strength as a part of healthy aging.

Protein can be sourced from animals, in the form of whey or casein from cow or goat milk, or it can come from plant sources like hemp, peas or yeast. These whey, vegetarian and vegan protein supplements are therefore designed to give you the option of getting the form of protein that’s just right for you from the source that suits you best.

Protein supplements may deliver protein alone, but for superior results, look for those featuring Velositol®. This patented amylopectin chromium complex works together with protein to boost muscle protein synthesis. With that added support, your body will be better able to form lean muscle mass and recover quicker after activity.

Let’s consider some other benefits of protein supplements.

Benefits of Protein Supplements

While it is preferable that we get our daily recommended levels of protein from food, modern diets may not provide adequate levels of protein. That’s where protein supplements can deliver benefits by plugging any nutritional gaps which may exist.

This is important for everyone, whether you’re just trying to incorporate more activity into your daily routine or are an intense athlete. That’s because protein is a critical component in growth and development, organ health (brain, heart and even skin) and in supporting a healthy immune system.1

In both the immediate and long term, protein supplements deliver benefits such as promoting the formation of lean muscle mass in addition to helping preserve muscle strength as a part of the aging process. Furthermore, as athletes require additional protein synthesis and energy support, protein supplements make perfect sense for reaching fitness goals quicker.3

What are Pre-Workout Supplements?

Swanson Full Potential pre-workout supplements feature potent and science-backed ingredients designed to increase your success during activity. Ingredients like caffeine anhydrous can help provide energy and cognitive focus during workouts or exercise. You may also look for ingredients that support healthy blood flow to deliver oxygen and other important nutrients to your muscles.

Swanson Full Potential pre-workout supplements feature Nitrosigine®, a science-backed blend of L-arginine and silicon, to support nitric oxide levels and blood flow during exercise. Our line also includes coconut water to deliver essential electrolytes to help your body stay hydrated during activity—an important part of enhancing performance and endurance. These and other ingredients can provide the power you’re looking for to boost your pre-workout.

What Does a Pre-Workout Supplement Do?

Pre-workout supplements are designed to serve specific functions as part of an exercise routine. First, they provide energy to help boost performance and endurance during activity. Secondly, pre-workout supplements help you stay focused on the field or in the gym so you can achieve better results from each session. Finally, quality pre-workout supplements, like the Swanson Full Potential line, are crafted to shorten recovery time so you can get back in the game stronger and faster.2

The benefits of pre-workout supplements can last beyond your workout as these and other targeted nutritional ingredients make it easier for you to reach and maintain your fitness goals for increased strength, power and mobility.

Top Fitness Supplements

Do fitness supplements work? Plenty of serious athletes and even weekend warriors would attest to the benefits this class of supplement can deliver. Here’s a list of the new Full Potential workout and fitness supplements you’ll want to experience first-hand:

  • Swanson Full Potential Whey Protein (vanilla)—this formula delivers 25 g complete protein from whey concentrate, casein and isolate and 5 g naturally occurring BCAAs in every scoop. Each serving includes less than 1 g of sugar and delivers 2 g of Velositol®, a complex of amylopectin and chromium which, when combined with protein, can promote muscle formation and strength. Also available in a decadent chocolate flavor
  • Swanson Full Potential Vegan Protein (vanilla)—an innovative vegan formula delivering 30 g of highly digestible, whole plant-based protein plus more than 5 g naturally occurring BCAAs in every scoop. Your muscles will benefit from Yestein™, an environmentally sustainable complete protein made from yeast in a blend that’s made without animal-sourced ingredients. Featuring 0 g of sugar per serving, also try in delicious chocolate.
  • Swanson Full Potential Pre-Workout (blue raspberry)—Featuring 150 mg of caffeine anhydrous in every scoop, take about 30 minutes before activity for energetic benefits that can last up to three hours and include a low-sugar source of important electrolytes in the form of coconut water. Experience for yourself the boost provided by Nitrosigine®, a blend of L-arginine and silicon known to support nitric oxide levels and blood flow during exercise, along with the antioxidant defense provided by 300 mg of NAC in every serving. Rounding out the pre-workout benefits of this blend is 2.5 g of creatine per serving to promote lean-muscle formation and support the formation of ATP in muscle cells to boost energy and increase endurance. Also available in refreshing strawberry lemonade flavor.


Whatever goals you may have for strength and wellness now and in the long run, evolve your fitness with the family of Full Potential supplements made to boost your results with unique ingredients and formulas made with you in mind. Make protein your friend and discover your full potential.


You been well, now.


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