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Should Calcium Supplements Be Taken Alone?
Vitamins and Supplements FAQs • September 19, 2012

Question: I have read that calcium supplements can interact with other supplements and so should be taken alone. Is that true? And does one form of calcium interact more than another? If so, which form can be taken with other supplements? For many years I had taken BoneUp but switched to Swanson Coral Calcium Complex a couple of years ago.


Calcium can compete for absorption with other minerals such as iron, zinc and copper which are normally taken in smaller amounts. Calcium should be taken at a separate time of day from a multi with minerals, or the large amount of calcium will potentially interfere with utilization of the iron, zinc and copper. Some calcium supplements may include zinc, but these wouldn’t be my first choice for calcium. The small amounts of calcium included in multis isn’t enough to worry about since usually it’s only about 100 to 200 mgs. 

Fiber supplements should be taken at a different time of day then minerals, since the fiber may bind minerals in insoluble complexes and interfere with absorption and utilization.

As far as BoneUp vs. Coral Calcium, the better choice was the BoneUp. Coral Calcium is calcium carbonate. As we get older our bodies cannot breakdown and absorb carbonate well. A very minimal amount is actually taken into the bones. However smaller amounts of Coral Calcium are alkalyzing to the system, which is good.

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