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It Takes Guts to Live Healthier
Guest Bloggers • May 24, 2017

Hi, I’m Kath from Kath Eats Real Food, and I want to take the time today to tell you a bit more about Swanson Health Product’s new line of probiotics!

Simply put, probiotics are the “good” bacteria that promote the ideal conditions for your digestion to take place, helping to break down food and promote a healthy immune system and GI tract.

Probiotics in front of a vase

I have taken probiotics on and off for years, especially after a round of antibiotics or sickness to help replenish the good bacteria that got depleted along with the bad. I took them after I had my son Mazen because I had IV antibiotics while in the hospital, and I gave Mazen some baby probiotics then, too.

This probiotic line is Swanson’s newest offering, and they sent me the whole line to share with you all.

The Everyday Wellness Solutions are great for those who want a general dose of colony forming units (CFUs) for general digestive and immune health and flora support, keeping the good guys strong for optimal gut function. There are seven options in this level:

In addition to daily wellness, Swanson caters to those with specific needs for digestion and immune support with a condition-specific line of specialty blends, as well as those with the highest potency and the largest number of strains for peak performance in its Ultra category. This includes an Ultra Probiotic designed for Women and one for Seniors.

Spilled probiotic bottles

I’ve been taking my probiotic on an empty stomach with a big glass of water first thing in the morning (as per the bottle instructions). This little ritual has made me think more about my morning routine. Here are five ways to add a little zen to your morning and start the day with the best foot forward:

1Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier than you need. A good morning starts at night. If you want to build in a few extra minutes in the morning, you need to wake up rested and refreshed, so be sure to get a full night’s sleep by going to bed on time and setting your alarm 10 minutes earlier.

2Stretch and move. While it would be ideal to start every day with 15 minutes of yoga, that is not realistic for most people. Rather, find ways to multitask by adding stretching into your morning routine. Stretch your calves in the shower, lunge while zipping your jeans, do a forward fold while drying your hair. Move your body to energize your mind!

3Drink water and take a probiotic. About 20-30 minutes before you sit down for breakfast, drink a glass of water to hydrate and take a probiotic supplement. Taking probiotics prepares your gut for a day of defense as you tackle the world, so be sure to build up that army before leaving home!

4Add in some peaceful touches. There’s a reason we all love spas — the candles, music, and quiet vibe all foster a sense of calm. While I know some of you moms are rolling your eyes, remember that something is better than nothing. Light a candle in the kitchen while you make breakfast or put on soothing music while you shower and get dressed. “Fake it until you make it” is my favorite mantra!

5Eat a healthy breakfast. Head to food blogs to find quick, easy, make-ahead breakfasts that are healthy and packed with goodness. Overnight oats are a crowd favorite because they take no time to make and are easy for breakfast on-the-go. Eating well for your first meal ensures that you start the day off right and if you’re well-nourished, you’ll be less likely to hit the sweets in the conference room at 10am.


Have you ever taken or do you take a probiotic? What is your favorite part of your morning routine?

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