test-How Do I Know I'm Actually Getting the Ingredients You Say You're Putting In Your Swanson Supplements?
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How Do I Know I'm Actually Getting the Ingredients You Say You're Putting In Your Swanson Supplements?
Vitamins and Supplements FAQs • November 15, 2013
Question: How do I know that I'm actually getting the ingredients you say you're putting in the supplements?


This question cuts to the core of our family-owned, customer-focused business here at Swanson Health Products. It is by no means the first time we've been asked this, and we usually get questions like this whenever the news cycle spins around to another "investigation" into the efficacy or safety of dietary supplements. It usually happens about twice a year.

We're very fortunate to be able to answer these questions head on with great confidence. Why? Because we've put into place numerous safeguards and checks throughout the production process to make sure what's in our bottles matches what's on our labels.

All ingredients used in Swanson brand supplements require documentation from the supplier, including a Certificate of Analysis, ensuring that they meet our product specifications. Ingredients are tested at various stages throughout the production process to verify purity and potency. All finished products are inspected by our Quality Control specialists and tested by independent third-party laboratories to ensure that each supplement contains exactly what is stated on the label.

Swanson Health Products is committed to maintaining the highest quality products and the utmost integrity in business practices. Since 2001, we have been operating in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)—nearly a decade before it was a regulation issued by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). We are recognized as a Registered GMP Facility by NSF International, the world's leading authority on standards development and public safety. As participants in the voluntary NSF GMP program, our headquarters and bottling facility in Fargo are audited by independent investigators to ensure complete compliance with federal regulations. With over 65 years of experience operating in 80 countries around the world, NSF conducts investigations with the highest level of scientific and technical expertise. The NSF Mark is recognized for its value in international trade around the world and is respected by regulatory agencies at the local, state, and federal levels.

To produce our high-quality supplements, we select the purest premium-grade ingredients on the market. We work with reputable developers and manufactures who have proven their abilities to meet our rigid standards for quality production, purity and potency. Further, our state-of-the-art facilities enable us to produce products in quantities tailored to our sales volume, thereby ensuring minimal storage time, optimal freshness and maximum shelf-life in your home.