test-Glucomannan: What Dosage Do You Need for Weight Loss Support?
Glucomannan: What Dosage Do You Need for Weight Loss Support?
Swanson Health • May 10, 2012

Glucomannan, also called Konjac (What Is Konjac Root Fiber?), has a host of health benefits: it's a great source of fiber, may help with cholesterol support (for numbers already in the normal range), and it can even promote blood sugar support… but how much should you take?

Whenever you’re looking at weight loss from a supplement, it gets to be a tough question since the body chemistry and the diet will play a role in the answer. But there are some guidelines that can be followed. The RDA for fiber (the recommended minimum) is 25 grams per day so you’d want to take all your dietary sources of fiber into account with those numbers, plus you’ll want to make sure you’re drinking enough water to cover the extra fiber.

One big reason many people turn to fiber supplements is that fiber has the fantastic ability of helping fill up the stomach with next to no caloric value… this allows you to feel full sooner (when it’s taken before a meal) with less potential to add on pounds from overeating.

Increasing fiber in the diet is one of the easiest ways to help curb overeating during meals, assisting with maintaining regularity, and even helping to lose weight with very little change to your regimen… granted, you will definitely need to add in some regular exercise for best results (and lasting results), but increasing your fiber can certainly help as an easy first step.

When looking at Glucomannan specifically, many people like round numbers of 5 grams before a meal. With a powder form, this is as simple as a scoop of powder mixed in water. In pill form, it's a bit harder due to lack of space in the capsule. For example, if a pill is 700 mg, it would take 7 pills to make that 5 gram level.

One great thing about Glucomannan that has many people choosing it over other common fiber supplements is that is also helps support healthy blood sugar levels (as well as cholesterol levels) already within the normal range.