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17 Quotes About Health
Ben H. • December 23, 2013

Sometimes (especially on Mondays) what we really need is a brilliant author, an Irish proverb or a great figure from American history to snap us out of our malaise and realize that maybe...just maybe...good health and happiness aren't as complicated as they're made out to be. I promise you, at least one of the following 17 health quotes will feel like a smack to the head when you read it. So read on. Enjoy. Share with others... and tell me in the comments section which one really hit you!


1) Yes, bacon is bad for you (or is it?)... but man does it smell good!


2) This one's a bit scary, but it's a good reminder to make time for what's really important.


3) And here comes Benjamin Franklin... and, of course, he nails it.


4) And then comes along Mr. Thomas Edison... and he nails it, too.


5) For anyone who thinks they're perfect...


6) Your body is a wonder... wonderful pharmacy. Yeah, that's it!


7) Slow down. Eat less. Enjoy more.


8) One of the foremost yoga teachers in the world breaks it down for us...


9) Then some Mark Twain wannabe named Josh breaks it down even further in case we didn't quite get the yoga guy...


10) The five keys to good health.


11) Don't ever, ever, ever... ever underestimate the power of laughter. And rest. 


12) If you don't know Michael Pollan, get to know Michael Pollan.


13) Incredibly simple, it's almost embarrassing. But, it's also incredibly true.


14) What does Meryl Streep have to say? Something quite spot on. 


15) What's your prescription for health? If you need one, try Leslie's...


16) To quote or not to quote Bill Shakespeare... is never a question. 


17) And one for the handyman mechanic in your family.



BONUS: A simple, yet powerful challenge from Lee puts it all into perspective:


So, what's your favorite health quote? Which one do you think should've been included in this list? Share in the comments section below!