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Coconut Oil Coffee (Blended, Not Stirred...That's the Secret!)

My coworker Ben, challenged me to put coconut oil in my coffee because he had learned that is one of the many uses our customers have for our delicious coconut oil. The reason for this craze is that it's said to give an extra kick of natural energy on top of your caffeinated energy! It sounded great in theory, but in practice the idea of putting oil in my coffee grossed me out.

But, Ben's been here longer so I knew ultimately I'd have to be the one to bite this bullet. So you can imagine my genuine surprise when after the first few sips I realized it was delicious!

I posted a picture on Instagram that a bunch of my coworkers saw and when I got to work I had emails asking if I was being serious, did I actually like it or was I just peddling our product? Well, I'm honest--to a fault-- and I honestly loved it.

So here are my suggestions:


Step One: Get matching appliances: It makes you feel fancy.



Step Two: Splurge for the coffee that makes you take that extra moment in the morning to truly enjoy it.

You can also buy (delicious and affordable) organic coffee right here at



Step Three: Go shower while your coffee is brewing. And be sure to adopt a couple of dogs who insist on following you everywhere.



Step Four: Add about a teaspoon/cup or to taste.
Personally, I don't like tastes to overwhelm my coffee, I just want them to enhance it and that's exactly what I found this 1:1 ratio did for me. And please, shop responsibly! Our extra virgin unrefined coconut oil is delicious, organic and at the price you want.

putting coconut oil in coffeeorganic coconut oil











Step Five: BLEND it!

I put my coffee in my Magic Bullet® to ensure the oil is completely blended into the coffee and I don't have some weird oily coffee drink. Isn't it lovely?



Step Six: enjoy! And then hurry up because you realize you're going to be late to work!

coconut oil coffee recipe


Want more astounding.... astounded-ness.... ness?
Check out these 50 ways to use coconut oil!



Sound Like Too Much Work?

If making coconut oil coffee sounds like too much work, you can simply buy a coconut oil coffee creamer or try a natural coffee creamer. It's a really easy way to quickly get the benefits of coconut oil coffee. 

Click here to learn how to make butter coffee the right way.


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