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What's Your Vitamin and Supplement Regimen?
Kerry A. • October 22, 2010

Because I work at Swanson Health Products, I get a lot of natural health questions thrown my way. I'm also asked tons of questions about what sort of vitamins and supplements I take and what I take them for? So here's what I'm taking and why. (Note: the why has to be regulated by the FDA, so it's not going to be as specific as I'd like to be. My apologies in advance.)

  • Swanson Ultra Eyes Alive This is probably my favorite out of all the supplements I've tried or suggested to friends. I take it for eye health. I started taking it because my contacts would irritate my eyes, and I've been taking it ever since. I've since had three eye checkups and they've all been positive!
  • Multi Vitamin Energy Plus Everyone should be taking a multi-vitamin. I suppose, if your killing your own animals and harvesting and processing all your own grains the way they did back in the settler days, maybe you could do without this one. For the rest of us, this helps to round out a diet of processed foods with less nutritional value.
  • EFA's Multi Omega 3-6-9 What don't Essential Fatty Acids do for a person these days? EFA's are good for cardiovascular maintenance, skin health, healthy joints and mental function.
  • Calcium Citrate & Vitamin D This is a necessity for women's health. Ladies, how many times has your doctor told you about the importance of a calcium supplement? I take this one to fulfill my bone support needs.
  • DHEA I don't take this one regularly. But in the winter, I start it up again to help my mood with all the cold and dreary. The copy on the detail page says it's great for bone strength, sexual energy and overall vitality.
  • Full Spectrum Hoodia Gordonii I take this to help with weight control. I take two before my meals.
  • Licorice Flavanoid Oil When I was remembering to take this 3 times a day, I think it was actually helping. I was also walking regularly then and my husband even noticed a difference.
  • Burdock Root You may have seen my previous post on Burdock Root and Oily Skin. This is my most recent addition, and I'm hoping it helps me with my oily skin problem. The jury is still out. Traditionally, it's been known for it's cleansing and detoxification effects.

So now you know mine, what's your regimen? Share in the comments section of this post.