test-What's the Best Natural Approach to Warding Off Mosquitoes?
What's the Best Natural Approach to Warding Off Mosquitoes?
Vitamins and Supplements FAQs • June 30, 2011
Question: What's the best natural approach to ward off mosquitoes?

The latest research shows that mosquitoes can smell a person from up to 30 miles away! They're particularly attracted to those who emit large amounts of carbon dioxide. People have tried many natural deterrents including vitamin B-1 and garlic, with the idea that the smell may actually be offensive to mosquitoes, and some of these remedies are quite effective. Just this past week, however, we received an email from a customer with a different approach—camouflaging the human scent rather than devaluing it to the mosquito. He writes that for over 20 years he's been taking chlorophyll during the summer and never has to use repellents for mosquitoes. Chlorophyll has long been used in breath mints and body powders to neutralize odor, and this may be the principle behind its success at warding off these summertime nuisances. He starts the program each June with two capsules a day for two to three days to load the system, and then uses one capsule a day for maintenance. Adjust the dosage as needed. Chlorophyll is found in all the green supplements like chlorella and spirulina, but we do sell Chlorophyll capsules, too. We're interested to know if this works for you, our readers!

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