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Turmeric & Ginger: The Perfect Pair for Overall Health
Lindsey Toth, MS, RD • March 25, 2022

Better Together: Turmeric and Ginger!

Turmeric and ginger are a powerful pair for overall wellbeing. Both come from the same botanical family and are root herbs that offer a variety of wellness benefits individually, and both have been used throughout history in traditional health systems. Many also use them for culinary purposes.

These two root herbs are loaded with healthy bioactive compounds that impart benefits in various areas of health. Let’s take a look at their individual benefits plus why they’re better together.

Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric contains healthful compounds called curcuminoids, the most powerful of which is curcumin. It’s a potent antioxidant that can support your body’s defenses by neutralizing free radicals, but that's not all.

Turmeric and curcumin also promote joint health and mobility, healthy skin, and digestion and studies show it may also support memory, mood and attention.1 

Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is a time-tested herb that some say is among the healthiest spices on the planet.2 Like turmeric, ginger contains bioactive compounds that have beneficial effects on the body. Gingerol is the main bioactive compound that takes credit for most of the benefits of ginger. It has powerful antioxidant properties and is a soothing compound.

Ginger is often used to calm queasy stomachs and soothe digestion, and while it is fantastic for helping out in that area, its also been shown to provide support in many other areas. Here’s a quick summary.

Studies show ginger root may provide relief against exercise-related discomfort.2 One study showed that consuming 2 g of ginger per day for 11 days significantly reduced muscle discomfort in people performing elbow-related exercises.2

Other studies have shown that ginger is helpful for comforting joints throughout the body, supporting healthy blood sugar levels and blood lipid levels already within the normal range, and it may speed up how fast food empties from the stomach, assisting with some digestive concerns.2 Research has also shown that ginger may benefit cognitive function.3

Why Try Turmeric & Ginger Together?

Both research and traditional uses of turmeric and ginger indicate these two amazing root herbs provide powerful and significant benefits in similar areas of health. Trying them together gives you targeted nourishment and multi-faceted support for overall health and wellness.

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