test-Tips for Healthy Water Balance in Your Body
Tips for Healthy Water Balance in Your Body
Jessica B. • February 12, 2017

Keeping water at a healthy, comfortable level in your body is important for overall wellness. Fluid balance can affect both men and women, which may contribute to weight gain and bloating. Fluid balance supplements do more than just support healthy weight management; they can also support lymphatic and blood flow health.

Drink More Water

The cause for water retention is oftentimes the under consumption of water and other fluids. The body needs the right balance of water to function, and if you take in less than required, it holds on to practically every drop that it can, even more than necessary. It’s as if your body instinctively knows that you won’t provide enough for it, so it will store as much as possible.

If you don’t drink water, your body can’t flush waste from its cells. One way to relieve a puffy-looking face is drinking more water on a consistent basis. Follow the 8 glasses per day rule. You can also get more water by eating certain foods, especially fresh fruits and vegetables.

While alcohol, coffee and soda are technically considered fluids, they can exacerbate the problem by dehydrating the body. Sticking with water is the best option for maintaining healthy fluid balance.

Three Key Herbs for Fluid Balance

For even more power in getting rid of the excess fluid from your body, try a few key herbs:


Parsley is known for supporting gastrointestinal health, but it also has antioxidant properties that promote healthy digestion. Two constituents in parsley, apiol and myristicin, help maintain a healthy balance of fluids.

2Uva Ursi

Also known as bearberry, uva ursi promotes urinary tract, kidney and cardiovascular health. It also supports the normal elimination of fluids.

3Juniper Berries

Juniper berries were traditionally used by herbalists for centuries to promote water balance in the body, but they also support digestive system health.

Choose Salt Carefully

It’s no secret that the Western diet is loaded with sodium. Although salty foods sometimes hit the spot, too much can be a bad thing. Eating too much salt can make you feel more bloated. Luckily, we have better and healthier alternatives. Sea salt and Himalayan crystal salt aren’t refined and processed like most table salts. They both still contain all the trace minerals naturally found in salt, which can help increase hydration in the body and support healthy pH levels already within the normal range.