test-Taking Supplements With Water vs. Food
Taking Supplements With Water vs. Food
Vitamins and Supplements FAQs • October 14, 2011
Question: Some supplements say 'take with meal' or 'take before meal', or just 'take with water'. Is it best to take the later without food, or can they all be taken with a meal? I take those that say 'before a meal' before, and the rest I have been taking during or right after food so I can get on with my day. If it would be better to do so, I could take those 'with water' between meals. Suggestions?

We hear this question often. Here's the scoop: all of the types of supplements you listed can be taken with food. “Take with water” simply means you should at least take it with enough water so you don’t choke on it (with or without food doesn’t matter enough to worry about).

When a label says to take it a specific way (i.e. with food, without food, etc.) or at a specific time of day (i.e. at the start/end of a meal, at night, etc.), it’s important to follow those recommendations, but that's it unless your doctor or health care provider has stated otherwise for your personal needs.