test-Stress Herb: Rhodiola Rosea Extract Dosage and Reviews
Stress Herb: Rhodiola Rosea Extract Dosage and Reviews
Swanson Health • July 2, 2012

Rhodiola is a fantastic herb for fighting stress, as well as fighting both physical and mental fatigue… but how much should you take?

Unfortunately, part of that answer will depend on the needs of the person taking it… some people with minor stress are fine taking 1 pill of the whole root every so often and some with really stressful lives need to take the two capsules of the standardized rhodiola extract every day. The best thing we can suggest is to evaluate how much stress you feel is in your life and gauge which one you want to start with.

Many find it easiest to start with the lower dose, since it’s easier to go up in dose (take an extra pill) than it is to go down in dose (cut a pill in half) so many choose to try it out that way. If it’s not enough, they can always order the standardized extract on their next order.

To get a good estimate of how well it’s working, it’s often best to try it for 3-4 weeks before making a decision, as most people notice the benefits of most supplements within anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Some people may take a product and give up after just a few days when it doesn’t work as quickly as they want it to and that tends to be where most of the negative reviews on the internet come into play.