test-Should I Take Calcium Separate from My Other Supplements?
Should I Take Calcium Separate from My Other Supplements?
Vitamins and Supplements FAQs • July 25, 2011
Question: Someone told me that taking calcium at the same time you take other vitamins interfers with the absorbtion of the other vitamins. Is there any basis in fact for that statement, and should I take calcium separately from my other supplements. Also, when a vitamin says to take with food is a whey protein drink or smoothie considered food or does it have to be something solid that you chew up?

Calcium competes for absorption with iron, zinc and copper, which are generally taken in much smaller amounts. The calcium wins out in the absorption race simply because of the much larger amounts used. So, take calcium supplements separately from multivitamins that include iron, zinc or copper, as well as separately from individual supplements of iron, zinc and copper.

Using whey protein would definitely start to fire up the digestive process. We know that a meal will kick on the digestive process. We also know that having food present lessens the potential for an upset stomach; it is unclear if protein will sufficiently do that or not – protein will dilute the contents in the stomach some – so that may reduce potential for stomach distress. But overall, a healthy meal would always be the first choice and if there has to be a 2nd choice then you could probably get away with whey protein drink.

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