test-Seasonal FOMO? Reap the Health Benefits of a Real Fargo  Snow Supplement
Seasonal FOMO? Reap the Health Benefits of a Real Fargo Snow Supplement
Swanson Media • January 1, 2019

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Swanson Health's authentic, American-crafted snow supplement delivers flurries of happiness to a nation that can’t get enough of winter

(FARGO, N.D. – March 29, 2019) Sick of palm trees? Tired of sandy beaches? You’re not alone. Swanson Health, a leader in wellness for five decades, announced today the much-anticipated release of its Real Fargo Snow supplement, an innovative solution to all of your warm-weather woes.

As a Fargo-based company, Swanson Health is uniquely positioned in the polar vortex to bring seasonal bliss to America in the form of authentic, snowy goodness. “Not everyone has been as lucky as we have this winter,” says Corey Bergstrom, Swanson Health President. “Millions of comfortable Americans are missing out on the thrill of a whopping 59.1 inches of snow in Fargo, and Swanson is here to give people the icy benefits they’re craving. Plus, we have literally run out of things to do with all this snow."1

This year marks 50 years of innovative wellness solutions for mind, body and home from Swanson Health, and Fargo’s impressive flurry numbers aren’t far behind. In February alone they beat a 40-year record for snowfall.2 The resulting shortages of snow blowers and roof rakes across the Midwest make it the perfect time to share the benefits of snow nationwide, especially with those in warmer climates wondering “what about us?”

Advanced Research & Technology Bring Real Fargo Snow to America

Bottled at the source, right in Swanson’s headquarters’ parking lot, the new Real Fargo Snow supplement is 100% authentic and unfiltered real, cold snow. Featuring genuine, lifeless grass clippings and shards of midwestern gravel, it delivers plant-based nutrients and earth-derived minerals. Real Fargo Snow also delivers the same uncompromising quality that Swanson customers have come to expect with new, patent-pending Glacial-Pack™ technology. This innovative packaging technique guarantees quality and freshness, ensuring your Real Fargo Snow will remain frosty and fresh in its container for years to come. And finally—the bonus? Every tub of Real Fargo Snow comes with its own ergonomically-friendly carrying handle.

Real Fargo Snow Benefits for Real People

Unsurprising to Fargo residents, experts everywhere are just now recognizing the research-backed psychological and physical benefits of snow. Science has long touted the happiness benefits of being warm, but it’s time to discover what being frozen to your core can really do for you and your health.

real fargo snow

The bone-chilling benefits of Real Fargo Snow are backed by clinical trials:

  • Snowy Smiles—A 90% lift in mood is reported when exposed to real snow vs. fake snow, or sub-zero temperatures with no snow at all.
  • Blizzard-Blown Bliss—Over 98% of study subjects surveyed report experiencing what is clinically referred to as a “snow daze”—a state of snow-induced bliss upon ingestion of thousands of beautiful, unique snowflakes.
  • Hyper-Metabolic Shivers—As your body works to break down snow, grass and gravel, it works itself into a hyper-shiver frenzy, revving metabolism and enhancing calorie burn for days.
  • Immediate Brain Freeze—Stimulation overload? Real Fargo Snow will immediately freeze your brain, stopping overthinking—or just plain thinking in general—in its tracks.

Finally, the hydration benefits are unmatched. “Your body craves hydration, and why make it easy with water?” says Amy Sunderman, MS, RD, Swanson Health Vice President, Science & Innovation, and registered dietitian. “Real Fargo Snow makes you work really, really hard to break down snow and stay hydrated—a winning combo for people across America who love working hard and hate warmth.”

Get your own excuse to work from home on Monday, April 1st, when the new Real Fargo Snow supplement launches exclusively at swanson.com—first 50 purchases receive a free, highly sought-after roof rake! Plus, every purchase contributes to the charitable cause of helping Swanson clear their parking lot of all this snow. In the meantime, learn more and watch the commercial at swanson.com/snow, follow Swanson on social at @SwansonHealth and watch #RealFargoSnow for sneak peeks leading up to the launch.

About Swanson Health
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*This non-factual press release is an acknowledged spoof for April Fools' Day!*


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2 February Snowfall Records Broken in the Upper Midwest. WeatherNation. http://www.weathernationtv.com/news/february-snowfall-records-broken-in-the-upper-midwest/