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Raw Honey vs Refined "Regular" Honey
Swanson Health • May 3, 2012

There is a lot of talk today about raw honey products, which tend to be a bit more expensive than the "regular" honey you can get in any local grocery store. Many people are asking, “What’s the big difference?”

With the standard honey you find in the grocery store, there are a few standard processing steps that they are put through between the hive and the store, mostly involving filtration and pasteurization. The filtration isn’t much of an issue as that removes any bee parts (eg. broken legs or wings) that may have fallen into the honey The pasteurization is one thing that causes concern for a number of health advocates.

Honey in its natural state has enzymes and nutrients in it that are destroyed by the heat (especially the high heat from pasteurization), while raw honey retains all of those nutrients to give the maximum health benefits. Pasteurization also plays a role in preventing crystallization and makes the final product very clear compared to the raw honey paste… some people don’t like the look of raw honey because of the thick looking texture, but that’s one way to know most of the benefits are still there!

Some may decide to choose one over the other because of various factors, but whichever option someone chooses, honey will be a great natural sweetener. Note: no honey should ever be given to infants.

3 Reasons to Buy Raw Honey

I admit it--I have an incorrigible sweet tooth. My favorite sweet treat is honey; I love it on toast, in Greek yogurt or in green tea. I like it so much I have it strategically placed in my kitchen and at my desk at work. Recently, I've made the switch to a different type of honey--raw honey. We often hear about people following a raw food diet and eating other types of raw foods, such as nuts, milk and meat. So what's the difference between raw & regular honey? Check out the 3 differences below:

1) It's unprocessed and unpasteurized...
...which means it has not been heated at all. This way, all the enzymes, antioxidants, minerals and other nutrients have not been altered or stripped from it. In short: it's much healthier.

2) Easy-to-use packaging.
I don't have to worry about honey dripping down the side of the bottle. Raw honey typically comes in a jar with a lid. It's creamy consistency makes it easier to spread on toast or scoop out.

3)  Raw  honey is  delicious!
It's smooth texture and mild flavor do not overpower my food or tea--it complements it and adds just the right amount of sweetness for my taste. If you have never tried it, order some today!

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