test-Olive Leaf Extract: What's The Recommended Dosage?
Olive Leaf Extract: What's The Recommended Dosage?
Swanson Health • April 2, 2012

Olive Leaf is one of many herbal products that are very beneficial not only as a great antioxidant, but also for supporting the immune system, cardiovascular health, and many other aspects of general health. However, the recommended dosage can get a little bit confusing because there are so many different options on the market. There is the regular Olive Leaf that tends to be around 4-500 mg, standardized extracts that typically range from 500-750 mg per pill (sometimes even up to almost 3,000 mg per day), and even liquid and spray forms… which one should someone take?

Part of the answer will depend on personal needs, as the highest doses are more common for more extreme cases, but the most common dosage size typically hovers between 500-1,000 mg daily of the extract that is standardized to 15% Oleuropein (the active constituent found in Olive Leaf). Whether you would want to get some extra benefits for the immune system and cardiovascular health or if you just want to have the extra “just in case” protection it gives, Olive Leaf Extract is a very good option to keep your defensive systems strong.