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Natural Remedies for Under Eye Darkness
Mackenzie K. • February 10, 2017

You’re not alone if you’ve ever bemoaned the dark circles under your eyes. Few things can be as infuriating as trying to hide them. Darkness or puffiness is very common, but do you know the causes? It can be a lot more than simply not getting enough sleep. When you have the right information, you can take more targeted steps toward treatment. Read on for a few natural remedies! 

What Causes Darkness Under the Eyes

There are several causes for under eye darkness, including allergies, skin conditions, hay fever, irritation, sun exposure, malnutrition, and, of course, fatigue. Dark under eye areas can also run in your family’s genes. And yes, aging can increase the likelihood of dark under eye circles due to thinning skin and loss of collagen. These factors can cause the blood vessels under the eyes to become more visible.

Natural Remedies

Though there is not a surefire way to get rid of under eye darkness completely, there are steps you can take to alleviate the issue. According to MayoClinic.org, there are several inexpensive treatments that have often proven successful in promoting younger, healthier-looking under eyes:

1Use cold temperatures to constrict blood vessels under eyes

When the blood vessels under the eyes are dilated, it can cause darker than normal circles. Applying cold temperatures using cold compresses, chilled spoons or a bag of frozen vegetables under the eyes can often help reduce darkness.

2Elevate to reduce fluid buildup

Help reduce fluids building up beneath the eyes by sleeping with an extra pillow to elevate your head. This will help reduce puffiness as well as darkness.


If you already have dark circles, this may not help as much as you think it might. But lacking sleep can leave you looking tired in general—it’s never a bad idea to catch up on those Zs.

In addition, there are some important changes that you can make to your diet that may help. If your dark under eye circles are a side effect of poor nutrition, focusing on adding these nutrients into your diet can promote healthier-looking eyes.

1Vitamins A, C, E and K

These vitamins are essential for healthy skin. Though they work best when applied topically, they all play an important role in strengthening your skin. Vitamin C is important for promoting stronger blood vessels and stimulating collagen production, both of which may help the appearance of the skin around the eyes. Vitamins A and E are essential for supporting firm, elastic skin. Lastly, vitamin K promotes regular blood clotting and the strength of capillary walls. When capillaries leak deoxygenated blood, the blood can pool and form dark circles.


Getting enough iron by including protein in your diet ensures your body’s healthy supply of oxygenated blood. When you’re low on iron, the lack of oxygen in your tissues can enhance any blue veins or darkness around the eyes. Make sure to include foods such as egg yolks, lean beef, spinach and brown rice to get enough iron in your regular diet.


Last but certainly not least, drinking plenty of water throughout the day is always important for your health. As far as your under eyes are concerned, enough water (at least 8 glasses a day) ensures healthy circulation and skin elasticity.

If you struggle with darkness around the eyes, incorporate some of these tips and foods into your daily routine and you may see some positive results. What may help you the most is determining the cause of your discoloration and targeting your regimen to counteract those causes. However, the general tips here can help you get the healthiest looking eyes possible along the way.