test-Kyolic Supplement Reviews: Aged Garlic Explained
Kyolic Supplement Reviews: Aged Garlic Explained
Swanson Health • June 18, 2012

Kyolic has made a name for themselves based on their trademarked processing of common everyday garlic. They have turned the typical smelly garlic into an aged garlic extract that has no foul smell or taste that turn many people off of garlic. Granted, there are supplement reviews that can be very confusing because there are some aspects to this that can be concerning to some.

Fresh garlic has a nutrient called Alliin that creates Allicin, which is the part of garlic that has the strong smell and taste… but it’s also the part that gives the cardiovascular benefits. When garlic is aged, it loses more of the Allicin potential so the aged garlic products wouldn’t have any potential for the odor, and that is where some negative supplement reviews tend to pop up for Kyolic garlic products.

However, the rest of the story is that as garlic ages, it also gains other nutrients that give it other benefits for cardiovascular health. It’s a strange enigma for many, but the fresh and aged garlic simply have different cardiovascular benefits, which is why many of the supplement reviews on Kyolic tend to be glowingly positive.