test-Konjac Root Fiber for Weight Loss
Konjac Root Fiber for Weight Loss
Swanson Health • December 16, 2011
Konjac Root (also called Glucomannan) has a slew of health benefits including being a great source of fiber, helping with cholesterol support, and even benefits for blood sugar support... but weight loss is one of the greatest benefits from this fiber-rich root. One big reason to point out fiber is that it has the fantastic aspect of filling up the stomach with next to no caloric value... this allows you to feel full sooner (when it’s taken before a meal) and helps that full stomach to not end up as much on the hips.

Increasing fiber in the diet is one of the easiest ways to help curb overeating during meals, assisting with better regularity, and even helping to lose weight with very little change to your regimen. Granted, any weight loss will come much faster with appropriate exercise as well, but increasing your fiber can certainly help as an easy first step. It’s really as simple as taking a scoop of powder or swallowing a few pills around 30 minutes before your meal as the fiber will take some time to expand in your stomach and it takes time for your brain to get the message when you’re full. Also, whenever you’re looking at taking a fiber product, you’ll want to make sure you’re drinking enough water to cover the extra fiber as too little water taken with the fiber can actually make you more constipated.

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