test-Is Chlorella or Spirulina Better for Health?
Is Chlorella or Spirulina Better for Health?
Vitamins and Supplements FAQs • September 12, 2011
Question: Every health magazine I pick up has an article about the miracles that chlorella and spirulina can perform. In your opinion, which one is better?

Chlorella and spirulina are microscopic plants that grow in fresh water. Both are abundant in chlorophyll and phytonutrients that generously contribute to health and well-being including complete protein, all the B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, macrominerals, trace minerals, essential fatty acids, nucleic acids, and mucopolysaccharides. My personal pick for energy and immune system support is chlorella due to its chlorella growth factor (CGF). However, for some individuals, spirulina is easier to digest than chlorella. Treat yourself to an online book about chlorella and spirulina at www.chlorellafactor.com. Very interesting reading!

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