test-In Pursuit Of Health: The 49 Wackiest Things We've Done For Wellness
In Pursuit Of Health: The 49 Wackiest Things We've Done For Wellness
Swanson Media • July 31, 2018

Swanson Health celebrates turning 49 this month by flashing back on wild wellness fads and introduces its new science-backed products that are here to stay

FARGO, N.D. and CHICAGO, July 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- What won't some people try in the name of health? That might be an easier question to answer than what they will try. And that thought is underscored by some of the crazy (and sometimes crazy-fun) things people have tried in an effort to get healthy. Swanson Health, a leader in vitamins, supplements and wellness, marks its 49th birthday this month, and to celebrate, they're blasting back to the past to share the wildest and wackiest wellness fads from the last five decades.

"After 20 years of working in wellness, I've seen a LOT of unique trends come and go—to say the least!" said Amy Sunderman, MS, RD, Swanson registered dietitian and Director of Science & Innovation. "If anything, today's fast-paced modern life has only fueled people's hunger for health solutions that are sticky and produce results."

The Wild and Wacky
From vibrating belts to the Cookie Diet® and hula hooping to Beachbody's P90X®—it has been a wild ride in the name of wellness. Check out Swanson's top favorite fads from each decade.

1960s — Jazzercise®
One of the most memorable dance fitness crazes of the 60s that's still going strong. Jazzercise was founded by a professional dancer who held dance classes in Chicago, quickly realizing students were attending for the exercise—not the dancing. The fun workout classes started with a jazz warmup that was eventually dubbed "Jazzercise" and maintained trend-status well into the 80s.

1970s — Air Shorts & Air Jeans
Inflate and enjoy! These wild-looking, inflatable shorts put pressure on the waist, hips and thighs, supposedly massaging and soothing muscles as people move. Wear them while doing daily chores, or for the bold, while exercising.

1980s — Buns of Steel
This fad gave America a new perspective on toning its derrieres. Led by a former world-class pole vaulter, the VHS class took people on a never-boring journey towards tighter, firmer behinds. The "Buns" success took off and led to Thighs of Steel, Abs of Steel and more.

1990s — Thighmaster
With steely buns, it was on to the thighs. Following a 1991 infomercial featuring Suzanne Somers, the Thighmasterquickly became a household name and fitness sensation, selling 6 million devices in just over a year.

2000s — Zumba®
This dance workout kicked off in the 90s, but most people didn't learn about it until the 2000s when Zumbaclasses became widely available. Zumba was created by a Columbian dancer, featuring challenging dance moves for a killer workout.

2010s — Shake Weight™
A dumbbell modified to oscillate when shaken, the Shake Weight flew off shelves in 2010 with a reported 2 million units sold. Not all experts were convinced it was as good of a workout as standard targeted muscle group workouts, but that didn't stop fitness fanatics from shake, shake, shakin' away.

With the best intentions, people have sought all kinds of zany ways to stay healthy and Swanson has been there through it all. From humble beginnings in 1969 with their vitamin E supplement, to their award-winning Plant Based Omega-3today, one thing remains tried and true—complete nutrition is the foundation of good health.

That's why this month also marks the launch of a ground-breaking new line of Swanson health products: Pure Science Herbals. A blend of clinically-backed herbs, these four new formulas provide unrivaled support for brain, joint, heart and energy health, sourced straight from nature. Pure Science Herbals deliver on purity and simplicity, while also providing sustainable and targeted solutions for long-term health.

Nobody knows what wackiness the future will hold (did you know that cycle karaoke is on the rise?!), but the good news? Swanson will continue to deliver science-backed, innovative health and wellness products, plus expert tips and advice, for many years to come.

Want more? Head to Swanson's blog for the full list of the 49 Wackiest Things We've Done for Wellness.

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