test-How Long Should I Use a Supplement Before I See Results?
How Long Should I Use a Supplement Before I See Results?
Vitamins and Supplements FAQs • October 3, 2011

Question: I have been using one of your products for about two weeks and I do not notice any difference. How long should I use a product before I will see results? Should I consider using a different product?

Many factors contribute to how well a supplement works. Because of the differences in makeup, one supplement may prove beneficial for one of the body's needs and not another. You may have tried a product a friend or family member loves, but for you, there were no results. The extent of benefits can also range from subtle to powerful. There are a number of reasons for this.

First of all, when taking vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients, we may not necessarily feel different. This is nearly always the case, especially as we age. The best advice is to first allow time for the supplements to work within the system, at least four weeks and up to six for optimal results. After this time, stop taking the product for a few days. Most people notice the difference they did not previously think was present!

Another factor involves making sure you are taking the right product. Sometimes it is not easy to pinpoint what our body may be particularly lacking. For digestive concerns, we may be missing certain enzymes more than others, perhaps hydrochloric acid or pepsin, or maybe we need an acid neutralizer. Again, if a digestive product does not offer the help you are seeking, you may want to find a different type or try a combination.

Remember, Swanson Health Products offers a 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee. We understand that sometimes a product simply does not work for an individual. If you are struggling with finding a product that may help you, we will be happy to help! We have Product Specialists available to discuss options by phone or feel free to e-mail us your concerns. Please keep in mind that according to strict FDA guidelines, our panel of experts is not licensed to treat or make recommendations for medical conditions or diseases.

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