test-Food Sources for Omega-7s
Food Sources for Omega-7s
Swanson Health • February 27, 2012

Omega-7 is one of the newer Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) to come into the public lexicon, but what exactly is it? The proper name is Palmitoleic Acid, but that’s a lot harder to pronounce so most just stick with “Omega-7” to make it easier.

Whatever you call it, Palmitoleic Acid is a nutrient that is very beneficial for the health of the skin and is commonly marketed as part of a “beauty regimen” because of the great benefits for the connective tissues.

The most common food sources would be Sea Buckthorn Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, and Chilean Hazel Nut Oil, but Sea Buckthorn is typically used because of the abundance and cost of each of those oils. No matter where it comes from, Palmitoleic Acid is a great addition to anyone’s regimen to keep their skin looking young and healthy!