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CBD Hemp Extract
CBD Hemp Extract Types and Forms
Swanson staff • June 17, 2022

Which Types of CBD are Right for You?

These days, CBD hemp extracts are all the rage, with numerous types and forms available on the market for seemingly every health concern imaginable.

But which form is right for you and your needs? Once you’ve decided if CBD is a good fit in your health regimen, it’s important to also identify which form will work best with your lifestyle.

That’s why we put together this quick and easy guide to help you understand what CBD hemp extracts are (and aren’t) and how each form can work in slightly different ways to bring you the overall health and wellness benefits you’re seeking. 

What is CBD?

Before diving into the various forms and types of CBD available on today’s market, let’s take a quick moment to answer the basic question, “What is CBD?”

First discovered in 1940, cannabidiol, called CBD for short, is a chemical found in cannabis plants. This chemical is one of more than 100 such phytocannabinoids known to exist among that species.1

CBD is distinct from another well-known phytocannabinoid: tetrahydrocannabinol, more often called THC.2 THC is most prevalent in the type of cannabis plant commonly known as “marijuana” and is described as “psychoactive,” meaning that it can have certain unusual effects on the human brain and nervous system.2 For this reason, possession and consumption of THC is considered unlawful by the federal government of the United States.3

By contrast, CBD is found more prevalently in the type of cannabis plant known as “hemp” and does not present any known psychoactive properties when ingested by humans.4

CBD hemp extract products must contain no more than .3% THC,5 thereby ensuring that they will not present psychoactive properties when consumed. This threshold is easy to maintain, given the very low amounts of THC present in hemp plants. All the same, CBD products are strictly monitored to ensure purity.

Now that we have a working understanding of what CBD is, let’s consider the numerous forms of CBD products available today. 

What Forms of CBD are Available?

There are just about as many forms and types of CBD hemp extracts available as there are different reasons why people choose to use them as part of their health regimen.

Perhaps the most common form of CBD is liquid, although hemp extracts can also be found in the form of capsules and softgels.

Some prefer gummies or lotions as types of CBD that don’t require swallowing a pill, while others take their CBD extracts in the form of gels, sprays or even powders which can be added to beverages or recipes.

Whichever way you think you’d like to enjoy the benefits of CBD hemp extracts, there’s sure to be a form that fits just right into your lifestyle and health needs!

Let’s look at the different forms of CBD products by dividing them into internal and external applications.

Types of CBD for Internal Use

Probably the most common method for using CBD is internally. This means ingesting a form of CBD hemp extract so that it’s digested by the body for general health and wellness purposes.

Liquid CBD Hemp Extracts

Liquid CBD products generally exist in the form of oil tinctures which can be administered sublingually (under the tongue) or added to drinks or even food for internal digestion and metabolism by the body.

In this form, types of CBD oil may be unflavored or may include a pleasant taste like watermelon or mint. The flavor of any liquid CBD hemp extract you choose to try is unrelated to any health benefits derived from the oil and is simply a matter of personal preference.

While most liquid CBD products are administered using a dropper, there are also roll-on options for those who prefer to apply this type of liquid CBD externally (on their skin, rather than under their tongue).

Chewable or Swallowable CBD Hemp Extracts

These types of CBD products are very popular and primarily consist of softgels/liquigels. Tablets and caplets are also an option, as are capsules, including vegan softgels and vegetarian capsules.

For those who may be uncomfortable with, or simply dislike, swallowing a pill, there are also delightfully flavored gummies to choose from!

Lastly, some CBD hemp extract powder formulas are offered on the market which allow you to add your supplement to a beverage, such as a smoothie, or even sprinkled into your favorite recipe. The choice is yours!

You may find it interesting to note that some of these types of CBD supplement also include combination formulas. Such formulas may feature added ingredients like melatonin to promote more restful sleep, or they may include an herb like ashwagandha for stress support


One other way to enjoy CBD hemp extracts is as a mist or spray which is administered orally. Forms of CBD in this category will sometimes be flavored, such as with peppermint, and may include added ingredients for specific health goals, such as maintaining body weight.

CBD Snacks

One more way to enjoy the general health and wellness benefits of CBD is by eating hemp extract snacks like CBD chocolate bars. These bars offer a delicious way to consume your CBD while enjoying a tasty snack.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all supplements came in the form of chocolate bars? 

Types of CBD for External Use

If ingesting CBD hemp extract internally doesn’t quite strike your fancy, another option is to use it externally. This means that you would apply your CBD extract outside of your body, generally on your skin, to be absorbed naturally.

One quick example would be CBD bar soaps which can be used quickly while washing your hands, or more luxuriously while taking a warm shower or bath.

There are also roll-on options for those who prefer to apply this type of liquid CBD externally.

CBD Lotions & Creams

Depending on your reason for adding a CBD hemp extract to your health regimen, another option might be to consider a CBD lotion or balm. These forms can be applied directlyCBD lotion or balm to the skin and are sometimes rubbed in, perhaps as part of a massage. They can also include lip balms.

Some balms may offer full-spectrum CBD for general health benefits, while others may include added ingredients for specific types of soothing effect. This is also true of CBD gel formulas.

As with other types of moisturizing or comforting lotions, these types of CBD may be scented, such as with lavender or eucalyptus. They may also include forms you may not have considered before, such as pet shampoos

A Form of CBD for Everyone

CBD hemp extracts are some of the most dynamic and diverse supplements available on the market today. They come in many forms, reflecting the many reasons while people use CBD in the first place.

Whether you’re wanting a full-spectrum CBD product for general health and wellness, or a combination formula for more specific needs, there’s sure to be a type of CBD extract that’s just right for you.

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